• July 24, 2024

Light the flame of hope – Christmas Fundraiser!

On a cold Christmas Eve, in a dark and stuffy room, the children sit curled up side by side by the burnt-out fire. The candle flickers to the rhythm of their hopes and desires that Christmas joy will come to their home, too. Their eyes, full of innocent anticipation, follow every shadow as the clock […]Read More


Despite intellectual disabilities, the Novakovićs wash away their sadness with smiles. They also have a favorite song: Experience a minute of my life!

“Experience a minute of my life” is the favorite song of Živana Novaković (19) from Patkovača near Bijeljina. And for good reason… Živana, along with her brothers Ljubiša (22) and Mihajlo (21), all have intellectual disabilities and live in extreme poverty.  I see myself in every sad song. They touch my heart! – said Živana, adding how […]Read More


Only at Christmas and Easter do they have a chance to taste meat – Martin and Matija (12) pick strawberries and carry crates to collect money for soccer cleats!

My children only eat meat at Christmas and Easter. Sometimes they ask for it, but I don’t have the means. And then I cry, feeling guilty that I don’t have the opportunity to provide them with better living conditions. Every morning they cross themselves and pray to God to get a house! – thus starts […]Read More