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The greenhouse for family Nikolic from Prijedor

Thanks to the help of the help of Church and school commune Gracanica from Windsor, Canada, Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs from Republic of Srpska successfully realized project of getting aid to six-membered family Nikolic fromPrijedor which is consisted of father Danko and mother Snezana with their four kids Ognjen (13), Andrea (7) , Marina (4) and Rastko (2). In order to improve agricultural production we built the greenhouse 20 meters long and 5 meters wide, complete water system, cultivator with accessories, chainsaw, trimmer, sprayer, tiller and planter in a total value of 6.984 KM.

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New help for families in Krajina

  • Used tiller
  • Complete kitchen with fridge and stove
  • Water pump with pot
  • Three working desks, beds and stove, sweets and toys
  • Construction material for arranged houses (blocks, sand, cement, armature)
  • Stove, two working desks, two chairs for kids, bed and closet, sweets
  • Professional trimmer with a supporting parts (string, oil, chain), sweets
  • Two children beds, two desks and sweets
  • Construction material for arranging two kids rooms and working expenses
  • Stove, closet, 4m of wood and replacement of three windows
A special aid action for our families with children was done as an introduction for our big traditional Christmas action, which we do for couple of years now. Karna family from Biskupija got used tiller

In area of Dalmatia, the aid came firstly to family of Neven and Danijela Karna from Biskupija near Knin. They have two kids Danijel (14) and Srecko (13). For them we arranged one used tiller in value of 1.300 €, with the help of our friends from organization “Zene Kosovske doline” whit whom we cooperate for a long time. Youngest Vuletics from Benkovac, next to their new desks Children beds also bought

The aid came to the family Vuletic from Benkovci also. The family is consisting of two brothers with their families. Predrag and Tatjana Vuletic have Sara (8), Lazar (6) and Tara (4). His brother Ognjen lives with them with his daughter Andjela (7). New stove for Vuletics Vuletics are sending regards to all donators for ths valuable help to them

Family Vuletic came back to its home recently. The aid we gave to them was: three working desks for the youngest, two beds, stove and sweets and toys for children. The value was 900 €. Strbac family from Kistanje in front of their family home

In Kistanje we helped another big family. Sasa and Huanita Strbac have daughter Anastasija (2) from their marriage and they are expecting a baby, with them lives kids from mothers first marriage Marija (7) and Eva (4). Appearance of kitchen before placement of the elements Happy family Strbac in front of their new kitchen

For them we provided complete kitchen with all elements in value of 1.000 €, which will do good for them because they arrange space for life, and kitchen is one of the priorities. Thank-you note that youngest Stbac's made and gave us Members of Matic family from Udbina with new trimmer in their home

The aid came to three families in area of Lika. First we helped family of Bora and Sabina Matic from Udbina. They have kids Jovana (7) and Marko (5). Because father works as sheep breeder the agreement was to buy them professional trimmer valued 640 euros, with which he could cut the lawn for his sheep breeding needs. He also can work with trimmer which will help his family’s budget. Family Sorak from Korenica got help in way of two beds and table

Next family from Lika we helped after four years is family of Danijel and Dragana Sorak from Korenica. From last visit, when we bought them one washing machine and vacuum cleaner, family got another member, so now they have Dajana (5) and Marko (3). For them we bought two beds and two desks, total value 400 €. Family Grkovic with its new wood burning stove

Third family we helped from area of Lika is family of single mother Nedeljka Grkovic, which lives in Plasko with her two underaged kids Dijana (13) and David (9). New stove for Grkovics Thank-you note and regards from David Grkovic Thank-you note from Dijana Grkovic Young David helps our local church in Plasko as assistant. For them we arranged wood burning stove, two school desks, two chairs, bed, closet and sweets in value of 920 €. Delivered building material for family Miljevic from Kolaric

After Lika, we successfully delivered help for one family from Kordun. This time another single mother was helped, Desa Miljevic from Kolarici, she has three children Andrej (11), Andreja (8) and Andrijana (4). For them we arranged construction material, so we could build rooms for children. The value of material, and the builder is 1.870 €. Family Kukic from Banija got building material

After that delivering the aid continued in Banija, also with delivering of construction material in value of 950 euros for arranging the house and living space of Ranko and Zeljka Kukic from Srpski Cuntic and their children Ratko (19), Stefan (15) and Danijel (9). Family Cubra from village Jagodnjak got help in way of water pump and pot

On the area of Baranja, we delivered aid for two families. In Jagodnjak near Osijek, the aid came to family of Sasa and Tanja Cubra and their children Saska (6) and Vanja (3). For them we delivered water pump with pot, so the family can get the water in the haouse. The value of this aid was 500 euros. Family Viljanac from Tenja with new heating stove

The last family aided through this action is family Viljanac from Tenja near Osijek. They are consisting of parents Zeljko and Radmila and three children: Marko (16), Natasa (11) and Nemanja (3). The oldest son Marko has problems with his leg and the family doesn't have any incomes. Delivered 4 cubic meters of firewood for family Viljanac

With the help of our friends, the family was aided with heating stove, one wardrobe, 4 cubic meters of firewood and replacement of three windows. The price was 550 €. Marko, Natasa and Nemanja Viljanac are sending regards to all donators for help We hope that delivered aid will help for our abandoned and forgotten people on the area of Krajina, primarily to the delight of the youngest that we will at least partially facilitate conditions for the upbringing and education, and to their parents the possibility to help them and their children. We use this opportunity to announce our big Christmas action in area of Krajina, where the great aid will be delivered to more than 20 families.

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Big help for Djuric family from Smederevska Palanka State of bathroom in the home of Djuric family- July 2016 Youngest Djuric's have been most gladdened with reconstructed bathroom In bathroom, all the plumbing and wiring were completely replaced, new tiles had been placed, new windows and bathroom doors. Reconstruction of children room and living room alltogether in progress In order to prevent a moisture, we set hydro and thermal insulation in the dining room, smoothing layer and the laminate. In room kids go to sleep, which is also a living room, we also set hydro and thermal insulation, smoothing layer and laminate, the walls were insulated from inner side, they were also painted and new doors were set. Kids will finaly spend decent time in their new room Uros & Milos Djuric are sending regards and gratitude to all donators for help Representative of CO Serbs for Serbs Milos Markovic with Tamara, Uros and Milos summing up their impressions after help they've got from our organization We invite all good people from all around the globe to support actions of our organization with modest monthly grants so we could help as many as we can vulnerable large families from all across the Balkans. The needs are, sadly, enormous!

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Successful darts tournament in Nuremberg Neither this time we hadn’t surprises: last year’s champion David Srdic fell out of tournament from outsider Milos Simic in quarterfinals. The same Milos in historical finale defeated last year’s finalist Oliver Obradovic and proven to everybody that they should believe in their dreams.

Great thanks to all the contestants, friends who came and donated without contesting the tournament, bought t-shirts from our boutique and at the end simply came to hangout and finish this year with this event.

On this year’s tournament we gathered 1.265 € of donations which we will use in our Christmas action! I would like to give special thanks to guys which came all the way from Munich to donate 640 euros. One more time, big thanks to everyone!

No surrender!

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A new roof and children's room for Bosnjakovic family
Bosnjakovic family in front of the their house in July 2016
Removing the old one and putting a new roof on the family home
In front of the family house with a new roof in December 2016
New PVC window is also set

Sasa suffered miocardial infarction, after which he got stents and he cannot work any more. They don't have any social help, so they live only from children addition, which amonuts 7500 RSD, and ocasional works.
Children room during our first visit

Children's room was completely reconstructed, the walls were peeled, a new wall layer, internal insulation and laminate were placed and the room was painted which all made it look like a newly built room.

Milica, Milena, Marina
and Marija are truly thankful to all the people who have donated and friends of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs who provided a real children's room for them in which they will spend their time playing, hanging out, studying and growing up. Special THANK YOU goes to the donators from Windsor, Canada who have helped in this action!

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Prijedor has a big heart!

During the whole year the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs is taking care of most urgent and basic needs of the children in need and during Christmas time a lot of people unite, so that the youngest ones, with smiles on their faces, welcome and celebrate the happiest Christian holiday!

Cafe Kamenjara and good-hearted people who wanted to help children collected 852,50 KM, cafe Kafanica 654,60 KM and 2 Euros and cafe Terasa closed the series of great parties with 475KM and 60 Euros! Besides that, thanks to all kind-hearted people, over 10 boxes of candies and clothes for children were collected as well!

The action of collecting candies and money will be continued until Christmas, so it will be even more successful than it is up to now! Christmas action has just started and it is already truly promising!

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Help from Toronto for Kosovo and Metohija
Cow and her calf in their new stall
More than happy because of the help from Toronto - parents Miodrag and Ljiljana
Members of Miljkovic family are thankful to all the people who have donated and friends From the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs from Toronto, who provided necessary money for a cow and calf and in that way enabled the family to stay and survive in Kosovo and Metohija in the 21st century.

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First part of the help for the family from Kladovo

 New washing machine for the family

 New wood stove for Jovanovic-Jankovic family

 Group photo with Jovanovic-Jankovic family, November 2016

We invite all the people who are interested to join and help the projects of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs, whose aim is to help socially disadvantaged Serbian multi-children families across the Balkan.

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Because of the bombardment they do not live normally any more

Igor is in the worst condition, who, until a year ago, didn't get up from his bed. Today he can walk a little bit in within his 4 walls and say a few words. The family survives only thanks to the help of good and kind people from Rashko-Prizrenska Eparchy and the organization "Majka devet Jugovica" who brings them meals from the nearby public kitchen on a daily basis. Besides that, they have two cows and couple of goats. The youngest Alexandar is taking care of them and he is the only light in this household.

This gloomy atmosphere is complemented with a house they live in which has three small rooms with a ground floor and the roof which is about to fall down. The additional problem is that that part of the village does not have water supply and they have to bring it for miles to their homes.

But the biggest problem for these people is that we have forgot them! For seventeen years after agression Stojanovic family has been living completely cut out from the civilization, which is also proven by the fact that they do not have even one TV channel in Serbian language. Few times they have received some minor help, in the first place, thanks to the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs who has so far provided beds, table, chairs, fridge...

The members of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs actually started the action in order to raise 20.000 euros until Christmas so that a new house is built and that the family lives in decent conditions. Second part of the action includes trying to persuade the Municipallity to help them by providing water supply for their home.

How to help? For building a new family house for Stojanovics it is necessary to put a label "for Stojanovics" when donating money to some of the bank accounts of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs. When it comes to the countries abroad, it is possible to deposit money via PayPal addresses and as well as via this donation platform All donations will be publicly posted on the organization's site and after the action is finished, photos of the new house together with the scanned bills of the provided help will be published. Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs exists for 11 years and so far we have raised 1.700.000 euros and helped more than 1.600 multimember families in the Balkans. Let's help to Stanojevic family get its home!

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Ristic family's house has been renovated
During the first visit to Ristic family in December 2015

Kitchen and dining room in October 2016
Members of Ristic family in their new home in December 2016
Table, chairs and tiles for the kitchen part were bought
Kitchen - before and after reconstruction
Rooms for children got a new look
Snezana and Jovana got a new room
New beds, closets, laminate, isolation and painted walls
Milos and Ivan in their room
Living room - before and after
Complete insulation for the whole house

We are thankfull to all the people who have donated, all the members and friends of the Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs all around the world who helped us successfully to finish this big project and help Ristic family, whose life is going to be at least a little bit easier and more decent in these hard days in Kosovo and Metohija.

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The help for Radovanic family from Montenegro

 Radovanic family next to the gas bottle and the battery with a charger which will ease the process of cotton candy production.

 Miljan, his mother Slavica and the cotton candy device in September 2016.

 Closet for family Radovanic

 Books for the youngest Miljan

 School supplies for the youngest son

 Radovanic family in front of six meters of wood provided for the upcoming winter.

We invite all the people who are interested to join and help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs whose aim is to help socially disadvantaged Serbian families across the Balcans.

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Humanitarian Christmas Triathlon

The night of good-hearted people and interesting games was special because of the 7th cafe-bar Semlin anniversary and because of a traditional candy-collecting organized by the foundation Osmeh na dar. Two proud Trojka iz Bloka sponsors from Zemun- Catering Plus and Liberty contributed to this mission and together with the help from other guests 30.000 RSD value of candies was collected.

For the past 11 years Osmeh na dar has been making holidays happier for children from Kosovo and other parts where their help is needed and today they have an important ally in Zemun - fans team Taurunum Boys and cafe-bar Semlin, together with two proud sponsors, showed us how they put all their efforts for the children in need.

Champions of the first Christmas humanitarian triathlon were Bulat and Zoki, Milena and Nemanja were second , Kica and Milos third and Bora and Crnogorac took forth place.


 Second place

 Third place

 Honorary fourth place

The most touching part of the evening was rewarding the owner of cafe-bar Semlin, Mr. Lukic, with an honorary humanitarian plaque, for all these years he has been supporting and fighting for the future of our children. Zemun clearly stated - WE DON'T GIVE UP!

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