THE FIGHT AGAINST CORONAVIRUS – support the disadvantaged!

The whole world is in crisis because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As healthcare professionals fight for the lives of infected people, the virus and emergency situations in many countries affect each and every one of us. Yet the worst hit are always the poor. It is especially difficult for them at times like this. Let […]Read More

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“Birthday party from the block” in Melbourne

Our compatriots in Melbourne came up with a great way of birthday celebration that brings a spiritual benefit. Families Stefanovich and Eror have organised a “bundled” birthday party in the hall of Holy Trinity Parish in Brunswick, Melbourne, on Saturday 22 February. Instead of customary presents, the celebrants asked for donations for the Church and our […]Read More


“The hardest thing for me is that we can only

It is difficult to find words to describe the living conditions under which 11 year old Boban Milutinović and his five siblings – Bobana (13), Sanela (8), Darko (5), Aleksandra (3) and Lazar (1), are being raised. They all live in one room which is essentially their entire house – bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining […]Read More


Will Christmas come to their homes too?

The holidays are fast approaching, and many of us look forward to spending time with our loved ones. In the warmth and comfort of our homes, gifts are being wrapped for St. Nicholas to deliver to the children.Read More


SFS on Serbian festivals in Chicago

In Chicago, after the hot summer months pass by and the cooler weather sets in, it’s festival time. During August and September, the Chicago Serbian community comes out in force to celebrate Serbian heritage, traditions, culture and food! Locally, this is referred to as SERBFEST!! This year, Serbs for Serbs had the privilege of attending […]Read More