• October 26, 2021

“Dad, Dad, a lizard” – they lived in a house with 300 snakes

An incredible, bizarre story took place in the village of Drnovac, by Boljevac. One night, a few years ago, the Šimunović family discovered as many as 300 snakes in their home. The parents and their three children immediately evacuated the home, which was later discovered to have snakes in the walls, foundation and attic.Read More


“Darts from the Block” for Stevanovic family in New York

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs organized charity dart tournament “Darts from the Block” at Break Bar and Billiards in Astoria with the goal of gathering funds to help the nine-member Stevanovic family from the village Kololec near Kosovska Mitrovica, who live in difficult and unsuitable conditions.Read More