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SfS monthly report for November

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in its monthly report for November presents its activities and actions of help to the disadvantaged families and children throughout Balkan. If you want to receive regular monthly and annual reports of our organization, send us an e-mail on

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Join us in the Christmas action 2017 On the photo above, you can see Stolic Jovan together with his brothers Andrija and Nikola. They are living with their parents and two more sisters in the Ugljare in Kosovo and Metohija. A few years ago, we have donated furniture to them and a couple a months ago we have seen that everything was clean and maintained.   We have decided to organize a big action for them soon in order to renovate their entire house. For more information about possible sending donations from the counties where Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is officially registered, please click on an appropriate flag:

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We helped a countryside on Kosovo and Metohija

The residents from Suvo Grlo have initiated a new action in order to collect the funds for buying a bigger van for the means of children transportation from Suvo Grlo, Banje and Crkolez. Everyone interested can contact father Isaija on the email  In the name of all the residents from Suvo Grlo we would like to thank all the people who contributed to this action.

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Work in progress at Simonovic family

Begining the construction

Big flock of sheeps and goats will soon have a stall

Borko for famous rap band THCF and Stefan Jecmenica, SFS representative in front of future stall

Current condition of works

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs will continue promoting and supporting self-sustainable economic projects on Kosovo and Metohija, but also across the Balkans in order to help its people to stay in their homelands. We also call all the public institutions and public and private companies as well as other charity organizations to support our future projects which will ensure a better future for Serbian people, namely for socially vulnerable families.

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15 million visits on SFS website

On the 11th of December 2016. the official website of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs recorded 15 million visits since the web hit counter was introduced in 2007. when it also recorded a million hits in the period from September until December. This is for sure additional support to our humanitarian work and actions to help socially vulnerable families across Serbia, Republic of Srpska and the region.

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SFS Canada launched ITFB 2017

These families need your support:

Jovanović-Janković Family, Kladovo, Serbia, includes 9 children, parents and a grandmother. Their house is in dire need of repair. The parents can't find jobs and the bills keep coming. SFS Canada's goal is to put funds towards a new kitchen, furnace, laundry machine and a green house. Fixing the walls and removing mould are also priorities.

Cvijetić Family, Skucani, Glamoč, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Former refugees, Radovan Cvijetić and his 9 children returned to their village to start over...again. There are no jobs so the family is trying to live off their land. Their old tractor is beyond repair: they are hoping for a used one this Christmas.

Paklar Family, from Biočić, Dalmacija, with 2 children. Their goal: to get a used mower to help grow a small farming business.

Lukavac Family, Tepljuh, Dalmacija, with 3 children. A cow is on their Christmas wish list.

Ćosić Family, also from Tepljuh, Dalmacija. They are 3 children, all under the age of 8. They, too, are hoping for a cow this Christmas.

Media support by Vesti on ITFB 2017:

NOTE: Donors who send their donations in Canada will be sent a charitable tax receipt. Please provide your name, last name and address.

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First part of help delivery to KiM

2 hay balers for Gorazdevac residents

After the ceremonial, the representatives of Gorazdevac were given 2 hay balers which will be used by 8 families. The residents of Rudnica were given a sprinkler of 450l and a liner for corn.

Residents of Rudnica with sprinkler of 450l and liner for corn

We used the next day to seize the opportunity to reassure ourselves in all the beauty of Sar mountain and to visit Strpce.

Beautifull view from Sar mountain

Day after our visit to Strpce, we paid a visit to first part of families from central Kosovo that the aid was delivered to, together with our friends from Charity organization Majka devet Jugovica. The first family we visited was Velic family from the center of Gracanica. The family consists of parents Slavisa and Sladjana and their three children, Milica (20), Andjela (16) and Aleksa (12). We provided them with a refrigerator and 32m2 of laminate.

New laminate in the room of family Velic

SFS with family Velic next to the new refrigirator

Our next destination was Kuzmin, where we paid a visit to 3 Stojkovic families.

The first family consists of Sinisa and Vesna ad their children Stefan (20) and Kristina (14)

The second family consists of the father Zivorad, mother Djemilja together with their children Nikola (18), Andrijan (15), Bojan (13), Oliver (11) and Strahinja (6) to which we already provided help in the past.

The third Stojkovic family consists of Zarko and Marica with their children Igor (28) and Ivana (26).

We also provided for every family an electric stove.

Family Simijonovic with new laundry machine

The next place we visited was Batuse where we paid a visit to Simijonovic family consisting of deaf-mute grandad Krsto, his daughter and a single mother Sonja with two sons, Milan (14) and Marko (13).

Marko Simijonovic by the new electric stove

We delivered two beds, a washing machine and a stove to the Simijonovic family. For younger members in the family a special joy was brought by giving them a computer thanks to the cooperation with mr. Bane Kojic and his friends.

SFS with family Simijonovic

Further on, we visited family Stojanovic from Straza. There we met with two out of four brothers.

We donated them four beds, a refrigerator, a table and six chairs. This family, where two brothers and their mother suffer from psychological issues caused by NATO bombing, consists of Gradimir and Biserka with their sons Milos (27), Igor (26), Stefan (25) and Aleksandar (17).

The family lives in harsh conditions in a very old house without a bathroom. The psychological condition of some family members  together with inability to work and water shortage in their part of the village make everything even harder.

One of three beds provided for the Stakic family

In Donja Gusterica, we delivered three beds and a wood burning stove to Stakic Slavisa and Jelena and their kids Tijana (22), Tamara (20) and Miljana (19). They were displaced from Stimlje and now they live in Gusterica as subtenants.

SFS with family Djordjevic and material for bathroom

To Djordjevic Stanoje, Biljana and their children Sladjana (22), Radovan (21) and Aleksandar (20) who live in Bostane we delivered the material necessary for the bathroom renovation.

This first part of our help delivery we finish in the village Mesina where we have delivered a cow with a calf to Jevtic Dimitrije, Nadica and their sons Slobodan (27) and Marko (24).  This family is the only family who remained in Mesine and also, a month ago, they were stolen two cows and a calf which caused them great damage.

Dimitrije and Nadice Jevtic

Cow and calf for Jevtic family

We also used this opportunity and paid a visit to Gazimestan where we reminded ourselves of all the sacrifices our people made, from St. Knez Lazar up to today and also reminded ourselves of our obligation to save our land and the people who live there in a very harsh environment without jobs and minimum incomes, oppressed and in fear. We will remember their fight and perseverance to stay and survive in Kosovo and Metohija.

Monument to Kosovo heroes in Gazimestan

With this we finish our first part of providing help to the families from Kosovo and Metohija with the second part coming soon.  We want to express our gratitude to all the donors and people who contribute for the work of our organization and perseverance of Serbian people on Kosovo and Metohija. We invite all people of good will to join us and help us in our work in the Charity organization Serbs For Serbs.

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All together for the Zivkovic family from Padinska Skela
Igor Rakocevic, vice presidend of KSS visiting family Zivkovic

Family Zivkovic consists of the father Igor, mother Jelena and their five sons, Nemanja (12), Luka (10), Momcilo (7), Dusan (5) and Vukasin (2). They were living in the old set of shacks for the workers, so the biggest problems were bad isolation, moisture in the walls ant the ceilings and a fifty year old damaged bathroom with no proper functioning plumbing, sewerage and electrical networks.
Bathroom of Zivkovic family in June 2016
Bathroom in December 2016

In providing help for the Zivkovic family, next things were done:
-    external insulation and the facade of the house
-    the moisture problem was fixed
-    ceiling was insulated and the kids room and the kitchen were painted
-    The bathroom was fully renovated (new plumbing, electrical and sewerage networks were installed, together with new tiles and bathroom furniture)
-    Kitchen was renovated (new tiles were installed with new kitchen furniture and the kitchen was completely painted).
Kitchen before reconstruction
Igor Rakocevic and Milos Simovic checking quality of done work

The new kitchen and its transport were the donation from the Forma Ideale company, which lately has shown a great interest in the work of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs.

The total amount of help provided was 367.823 RSD, and these funds were raised thanks to the three sport-charity manifestation in the project of TROJKA IZ BLOKA (tournament in fast basketball 3 point shootout game held in Borca and Visnjicka Banja and also thanks to the beach volleyball tournament named “Odbojka iz bloka” held at Ada Ciganlija).

What makes this project special is the collaboration with Igor Rakocevic and Forma Ideale company. It shows us clearly that besides the big amount of people who are ready to help both from Serbia and the rest of the world there is also a growing number of sports celebrities and companies ready to give their support to the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and to the hard work of its members in providing better living conditions to  socially vulnerable Serbian families with a lot of children.
serious chess match between Igor Rakocevic and Zivkovic family

In the past six months (from 16th of April until 30th of October) thanks to the project TROJKA IZ BLOKA, 40 sport-charity manifestations were held across Serbia and its diaspora (38 fast basketball 3 point shootout games, beach volleyball tournament and charity football game). More than 4500 people were the participants of these events, and the final number of funds raised for the socially vulnerable families was more than 5.6 million RSD.

In the name of Zivkovic family and the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs we would like to express our gratitude to all the participants, sponsors and donors of the above mentioned tournaments – this is a success thanks to us all!

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Help for the Milovanovic family from Loznica

Thus far, the second floor of the house has been rebuilt due to the fact that it was near collapsing. New walls and roof were built along with new plumbing and electric wiring in the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Tiles were also installed in the bathroom and old wood windows were replaced with new ones, along with a new front door.

Help for the Milovanovic family continues! We wish to have everything finished in 2017 so that the children are able to be raised in a home with the basic necessities for living in the 21st century.


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3.598 messages to 7763 in November


So far, the action of sending a charity SMS to 7763 (in Serbia) has been supported by:
Hip hop group THC la Familia
Bosko Cirkovic Skabo, Beogradski Sindikat
Nedeljko Jovanovic, Serbian national handball team
Novica Bjelica, Serbian national volleyball team player
Aleksandar Smiljanic, Serbian national basketball team player
Students of the University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica

Boban Marjanovic, NBA player

Drzavni posao
Andrija Geric, Serbian national volleyball player
Vasa Mijic, Serbian national volleyball player

Dusan Borkovic, Europan car driving champion

Zivko Zivkovic, FC Partizan goalkeeper

Milica Dabovic, Serbian national basketball player

Danica Krstic, singer
Mirka Vasiljevic, actress

Marko Keselj, Serbian national basketball player

Ivana Korab, model, and Vujadin Savic, football player
Sedn SMS to 7763 and support our project CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

Overview of messages sent since the beginning of the action:
March 2015: 4.570 messages
April 2015: 1.636 messages
May 2015: 1.495 messages
June 2015: 1.486 messages
July 2015: 3.118 порука
- August 2015: 1.176 messages
- September 2015: 1.176 messages
October 2015: 5.040 messages
- November 2015: 1.438 messages
- December 2015: 6.213 messages
- January 2016: 2.617 messages
- February 2016: 889 messages
- March 2016: 3.278 messages
- April 2016: 1.900 messages
- May 2016: 1.848 messages
- June 2016: 1.964 messages
- July 2016: 2.847 messages
- August 2016: 793 messages
- September 2016: 2.026 messages
- October 2016: 3.543 messages
November 2016: 3.598 messages
Total: 52,615 messages

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Serbs for Serbs helped family Vuksanovic from Novi Pazar

We aided help to the family few times symbolically, but this year we decided to buy them a new bathroom. The value of construction material is 51,024 RSD. Family Vuksanovic is  launched a big campaign of reconstruction dilapidated house where this, now, a family of six lives.

 Bathroom condition before reconstruction

 Bathroom condition before reconstruction

While work at home continues, father Srdan helps workers and sleeps on mattress in living room, but children went to cousins not so far from house. Construction works are near the end, the rest of the painting and installation of laminate flooring in the living room needs to be done, after that furniture will be brought. In action of aiding help many people are involved, neighbors from Novi Pazar and donors from country and abroad, all of that with great help and support from Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery.

 Current look of reconstructed bathroom

During the visit we ensured that bathroom – which was founded by donors of Humanitarian organization Srbi za Srbe – finished. All that is left is to put the fence and curtain on shower cabin. Bathroom is, as you can see on pictures, fully functional and modern. Vuksanovici unanimously agreed that they like new bathroom and send thanks to all the donors for help.

During the talk with children, we have noticed that they have got new computer but they told us that they have not a desk and chair for it. The present representatives of Humanitarian organization Srbi za Srbe decided on spot to donate additional help for family Vuksanovic and asked the oldest Milica to find chair and desk in shops of Novi Pazar which they would want. Milica called us few days after that with proposal and we agreed and bought chair and desk. Delivery is in progress.

We would want to thank in the name of family Vuksanovic to all the donors and personally thank to brotherhood of Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery who knows how many time, warmly welcomed and provided residence for the night before the visit.

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SfS Visited the Nenadic family from Grahovo

Very few people have returned to Krajina. Of the people who have returned, most of them are elderly and retired, Cedo is one of the rare ones who returned not that young in age, but young in his heart. In 2003, he came back to his home, married his wife who is 20 years younger than him and since then God has blessed their marriage with three children.
In conversation with the Nenadic’s in their backyard.
Current condition of the unfinished Nenadic house in Crni Lug

Cedo says that the first time he smiled after the war was when his first child Nikola was born. The family lives in their home that has electricity, running water, and a bathroom. Money for subsistence  and maintaining the household are the Nenadic’s biggest struggle. The five of them live on only 130 KM ($65 USD) a year from a pension which Cedo receives because of his participation in the war, but every month they have expenses of about 50 KM ($25 USD) for electricity as well as the children’s school lunches.

The Nenadic family fight for tomorrow to be better- they have a farm of their own with about 100 sheep, one cow and two calves. Because of their hard work and effort invested in their farm, they have not inquired about more, besides the help that will support their treasure. They are in need of extending the capacity of their stable about 20-30 cubic meters, so that they can increase the amount of sheep they have to sell and with that improve their financial status.

Cedo’s wish is to have a new chainsaw and tractor. The tractor they use now is from 1983 and it is not in the best condition. It is also necessary for them to complete the insulation on their home, fix their leaky roof, updating their kitchen, buying a new stove as well as beds and dressers for the kids.

No one in the family is employed, but no one is sick either. The kids go to school and their parents make every effort to make sure they aren't missing anything. All three kids, along with other neighborhood kids travel twenty kilometers to school in Grahova and twenty kilometers home. Their neighbors organized to carpool the kids because they all realize that in this Serbian part the biggest treasure is their kids. They are their only hope for the future.

With a bigger stable, the Nenadic’s would be able to obtain more sheep and sell them to already demanding customers. Any help for the Nenadic family would truly be an investment in them and their hard work so they could make a better future for themselves. 

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