• July 24, 2024

A soldier’s spirit in the home of the Ljubisavljević family!

Every army needs a barracks and a place where soldiers in peacetime will have a roof over their heads and a certain type of comfort, in order to perform the assigned tasks as successfully as possible. On the other hand, families that have many children are also a kind of small army, and they also […]Read More


Another Successful SFS Canada Palačinka Party!

On Sunday, May 8th, 2022 immediately following Holy Liturgy, SFS Canada hosted its 9th annual Palačinka Party in the Serbian Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. In 2 hours, $9,635. 41 were raised to help struggling Serbian families in the Balkans.Read More


The tears and sobs of little Angela (7) pierce the heart!

If we looked for a family to be the face of pain and grief, then the Veličkovskis from the village of Pelince near the Macedonian-Serbian border would be on the shortlist! The bare brick on the unfinished house and the collapsing woodwork on the main floor, are the first indications of this family’s living conditions.Read More