• April 18, 2024
 The tears and sobs of little Angela (7) pierce the heart!

The tears and sobs of little Angela (7) pierce the heart!

If we looked for a family to be the face of pain and grief, then the Veličkovskis from the village of Pelince near the Macedonian-Serbian border would be on the shortlist! The bare brick on the unfinished house and the collapsing woodwork on the main floor, are the first indications of this family’s living conditions.

Angela (7) greets us at the door and learns the reason for our visit. At once, her large eyes fill with tears and her soft sobs pierce our hearts. Touched by her reaction, we try to divert her attention to questions about her siblings, after which we enter the house together.

The unbearable state of shock and disbelief increases when we realize that the Veličkovskis own nothing but darkened walls, concrete and shabby furniture! Angela lives with her parents Miroslav and Sladjana and her siblings Hristijan (20), Valerija (18) and Nikolče (9), in one room that has no bathroom or water.

We learn from father Miroslav that misfortune never travels alone, as he explains to us that Hristijan has special needs, while the younger son has speech problems. Holding a plastic bottle cap, he also shows us a kidney stone that little Angela had removed last year.

This modest and quiet family show us living conditions not fit for a single person. Looking into their faces, we search for the right words to bring them happiness and brighten their home.

I work in a factory for 15,000 denars, and in addition to my regular monthly income, there is only an additional 5,000 denars for Christian. We also have a garden where we plant for our own needs – Miroslav tells us.

We plan to renovate and finish the house for the Veličkovski family. About 25,000 euros are needed to complete the project. We invite all donors to join us in another large fundraiser in Northern Macedonia!

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