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Charity pancakes in Switzerland


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SFS visit the Radovanovic family from Podgorica

Mother Slavica with her youngest son Miljan

  The mother Slavica occasionally works as a cleaner when she finds a job. The oldest daughter, Milena and son Misko also occasionally work. What family needs the most is to be provided with books and school supplies for the son Miljan, wardrobe and wood for the winter.

Mother Slavica with her children

The mother Slavica has diffenet ways to cope and provide the necessary money for her family. One of the ways is by making  and selling cotton candy. The plan is to provide them with the battery and gas apparatus for producing cotton candy.

Miljan and his mother with the apparatus for making cotton candy

We welcome all the people who are willing to help to make a donation and join the projects of the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization with the aim to make lives better for the socially endangered multiple-members family throughout the Balkan territory.

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SFS at "Taste of Serbia" piknik in Chicago

Along with accepting donations of $ 350, we received a lot of positive feedback along with many new volunteers that want to join and help Serbs For Serbs.

The picnic was a nice gathering of old generation Serbians, new immigrants and lots of children, the main reason for our work.

It was nice to see so many kids playing, dancing and enjoying themselves at a Serbian event such as this one.


We will definitely continue to visit Sv. Nikola and other Serbian Churches in the Chicago area.
SFS Chicago

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Help for the Radosavljevic family from Obrenovac

The Radosavljevic family in July, 2016.

The Radosavljevic family in September, 2016.

In the year 1995, during war, Sanja left the Knin area with her Milic family. Before entering the marriage with Dragan Radosavljevic, Sanja had a daughter Sofija. Both parents are unemployed. However, Dragan works as a part-time painter, whenever he gets a chance to get the job. The family receives monthly social help in the total amount of 19.000 rsd with the addition for the children in the amount of 10.700 rsd. Although they did external insulation of the house in 2013, the biggest problem they were faced with was the humidity in the house, which could be seen on all the walls and ceilings, and the reason for that humidity was the very poor condition of the entire roof structure.

The beginning of the work, removal of the old roof

The upgrade of the attic

New construction being placed

The placement of the tiles on the new roof

New iron plates being placed – the protection of the lastavica and a chimney

Lazar, Vasilisa, Jovan and Nikolaj enjoying their new attic

The mother Sanja with her children Sofija, Vasilisa, Nikolaj, Jovan and Lazar in their new attic where they will fix up their new rooms in time

We welcome all the people who are willing to help to make a donation and join the projects of the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization with the aim to make lives better for the socially endangered multiple-members family throughout the Balkan territory.

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SFS visit the Zenar family from Banat

The Zenar family is a typical family from Banat that tries to keep the peace and harmoney present in their every day lives, despite the scarcity of their financial situation. Unfortunately, both parents are unempoloyed. Jovan lost his job in the construction firm due to the firm’s unfavorable financial predicament, while the mother Dragana was home taking care of their children.

Except for the social aid, the Zenar family is left with no other income. The father of the family tries to find as many part-time jobs as possible so he could provide for his family. However, Jovan is often limited due to his serious injured-spine condition.  Despite the difficult situation they are in, the Zenar family keeps trying to make the ends meet without going into the depts.

The Zenar family lives in 40м2 rented apartment that is made up of two small rooms, a little dinning room with a kitchen and a very small improvised-looking bathroom (with no shower, no bathtub and no sink). The family also lacks a washing machine, an electric stove and basic furniture, so the parents and the youngest child are forced to sleep on a sofa, while the three other children sleep in the next room sharing only one bed. Jovan also helps the neighbors cut their wood, where he gets the extra wood that is not needed and that way helps his family stay warm by using a wood burning stove.

With the resources raised from the TROJKA IZ BLOKA tournament, we are doing our best to help the family finally get a washing machine, an electric stove and basic decent furniture. We also invite you all to join us and help Jovan find a stable every-day job that will help him provide for his family.

We welcome all the people who are willing to help to make a donation and join the projects of the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization with the aim to make lives better for the socially endangered multiple-members family throughout the Balkan territory.

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SfS visiting family Daraban from Bijeljina

The children go to a nearby school in Bijeljina, and the family lives in a house where father Ilije grew up. The house is an old building, has one ground-floor and one additional facility in a very small yard. The latrine in the yard is in a catastrophic state, so that the family itself has a great desire to get construction materials in order to provide a normal bathroom, which would be built near the house.

Gabrijel, Ilije, Dijana and Ivana Daraban

Father Ilije is a construction worker-painter who thus earns money and nourishes his family. The host is currently performing construction works on a house in the village, which is located 19 km from Bijeljina, and the bicycle is his means of transport, but he does not complain, it’s not difficult for him to go anywhere where there is work. Usually people call him to work for a wage or certain companies call him as a kind of help out, also for a wage. He has no permanent salary, and his wife Snezana is also not employed.

A wood-burning stove that was provided to family Daraban

We have helped family Daraban twice by purchasing both the wood-burning stove and firewood. They are very grateful for the help they received so far, and the stove is of great help, because their joinery is bad, as well as the front door through which the wind is blowing and the cold is coming inside.

The family Daraban needs bathroom the most, and Ilije sought help in the form of materials, since he is ready to do all the construction work himself, because it is his profession so it would not be a problem for him to build a bathroom.

The shed should be crashed and a bathroom near the house should be built in its place

We invite all the people of good will to engage and contribute to projects of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs who aim at helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout Balkan.

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Trojka iz bloka tournament held in Eastern Sarajevo

Not only did we help raise money for the family, we showed them they were not alone. The youngest Krakic, little Lazar, opened the tournament in his town with the first shot. He was greeted with great applause from the packed hall. This is the greatest victory of this tournament!

While the large Serbs for Serbs and Trojka Iz Bloka flags waived in the background, Milos Simovic greeted and introduced the public to the organization and tournament and the work that is supported by all who were attending the tournament. Dalibor Trapara, one of the local organizers of the event also took a moment to thank all the visitors, competitors and sponsors who helped make this event in Eastern Sarajevo possible.

Members of local municipality, Miroslav Lucic of the City of Eastern Sarajevo, Miljan Damjanovic of the County of Eastern Ilidza and Ljubisa Cosic of the Eastern New Sarajevo County also greeted the public and thanked the organizers of the event. The first competitors to get the tournament started were members of the Youth Basketball Club Slavija, who were also great supports of the vent.

A great working relationship with the basketball clubs of Republica Srpska is the result of the support given to us by the Basketball Federation of Republika Srpska who were once again a technical supporter of the tournament. Proud sponsors of the event were the Municipality of Eastern New Sarajevo 500KM, The City of Eastern Sarajevo, Municipality of Eastern Ilidza, Bet House Sport Plus with 200KMeach, Café Kontra, Café Dublin and Kafe Elegant each with 100KM.

Proud donors of the tournament were Marinko Bozovic with 200KM, Sinisa Papz, Café Carpe Diem, Café Euro with 50KMeach, Aleksandar Tepavcevic with 30 KM, Bojan Pavlovic and Café Resume with 20KM each. Technical support was received from Hotel Beograd, Mis, Grill Wagon, Café Public, Fast Food Garfield and the Cultural Center Eastern New Sarajevo. Thank you to all who contributed. Thanks to support such as this, the tournament Trojka Iz Bloka is ever expanding in Republika Srpska.

There was also special performances by the Karate Club Slavija and the Judo Club Randori Red Star. There were also dance performances by the girls from the Dance Troupe Masters all while Top Hits were being spun by DJ Vuk Ceho. We were also granted the pleasure of having as our guests the members of the Fight Club Vestina Cobra.

The award for the best 3-point shooter and Gold medal in Eastern Sarajevo went to Boris Vuletic while the Silver medal went to Mileta Stasic. To complete the top 3, the Bronze medal was awarded to Darko Risticevic. These three battled like lions for their awards and now have the honor of holding their titles until next year. With this last tournament in Eastern Sarajevo, the Trojka Iz Bloka is complete for the season in Republika Srpska. We are counting on next years tournaments the be even better. We always have lots of people asking to volunteer and help the mission of Trojka Iz Bloka. We are bringing back smiles to the faces of disadvantaged children, CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!!

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New help for family Jevtic from Vlasenica

Family Jevtic with provided material for the roof

The Jevtic family currently lives in two rooms of the house that is in the possession of Cvijetin’s brother and in poor condition, namely prior to the collapse. On his part of the property near the current home where they live, Cvijetin has built one floor of a new house, and it is standing in the walls as can be seen on the photos. Meanwhile, he managed to provide the used joinery and thus he asked for help in building materials for casting the slab for which he had no funds. In June this year, members of the organization have helped family Jevtic for the first time and on that occasion it has been provided with the building material in the amount of 1,168 BAM for continuation of works on their house.

Cvijetin has managed to build the first floor of the house with his friends and family, and with the help of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs he managed to cast the slab and prepare the house for the setting of the roof structure. Part of the funds with which the organization helped family Jevtic was collected on sports-charity tournament “Trojka iz bloka” which was held on 16th of July this year in Vlasenica, when we collected 1,450 BAM.

The amount of help which we have provided for family Jevtic so far is 3,639 BAM!

Smiling sons of family Jevtic

Great thanks go to all our donors with a big heart who, through their charitable contributions, have enabled the family Jevtic to commence with the works, and we hope soon to move to their new house.

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SfS visiting family Krakic from Eastern Sarajevo

The oldest son was employed for a while, but now he does not work, because his employers did not pay him and he was eventually fired. The biggest problem of the family is joinery. They tried to change one part, so now they only have a good front door.

The lower part of the house is currently unusable because it has a lot of water. The joinery is very old, and problems occur when there is wind, rain, and especially during the winter. They are in a very bad situation, but they try as much as they can.

Family relations are good, which could be noticed on the children. We found out about this family from the Centre for Social Work. The plan is to use the funds collected from the sports–charity tournament Trojka iz bloka, which was held during the last weekend in Eastern Sarajevo, to help family Krakic.

We invite all people of good will to engage and contribute to projects of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs which aim at helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout Balkan.

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SfS monthly report for August

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in its monthly report for August presents its activities and actions of help to the disadvantaged families and children throughout Balkan. If you want to receive regular monthly and annual reports of our organization, send us an e-mail on

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The record returned to Kalemegdan!

A unique project in the world, new hope for the disadvantaged youngest ones throughout the region once again proved that there is no surrender, and that children are our future! All-day entertainment attracted all generations and all sports fans, especially three point kickers, who continue the bright tradition of kick with which Serbia has won many medals, so the fight for the trophy and medals from Trojka iz bloka lasted until late evening.

The tournament at Kalemegdan began at 19 pm with a minute of silence in the honor of the recently deceased comrade, friend and sponsor Dragan Djuric. The large familiy of the Trojka iz bloka has forever lost one of the greatest friends, and all the hearts on the ground were shaken when they heard the anthem of the Republic of Serbia. Young Zorana Brkljac sang a song with her angelic voice, “She had a deep sleep”. The touching start of the tournament at Kalemegdan left no one indifferent.
Milos Simovic welcomes the guests and participants of the tournament

No surrender in the struggle for a better tomorrow! The battle for a brighter future of the youngest ones is being fought every day and every single one of us should contribute as much as he or she can, and the victory will be bright and great! Over 4.5 million RSD of collected help in this season alone is a tremendous success, and the utmost gratitude for this success goes to proud sponsors and donors, and, of course, all kickers – knights of humanity – said Milos Simovic on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, and then called Dragana Kontic, president of the Assembly of the Basketball Association of Belgrade to greet the crowd.
Dragana Kontic, President of the Assembly of the Basketball Association of Belgrade

First of all, she thanked the team of Trojka iz bloka that restores hope in humanity and in basketball and invited all her colleagues from the world of favorite Serbian sport to join the mission and thus greatly increase it. After their welcoming words, Bore and Stefan of THC La Familija took the microphone, and the first balls flew – Dragana Kontic, Novica Velickovic and Danilo Andjusic showed that they have not forgotten how to kick triplets! In the solemn opening ceremony they were joined by the great humanitarian and a friend of the Serbian people, Mr. Arno Gujon, President of the Charity organization Solidarity for Kosovo. Four friends of our project have sparked an avalanche of applause and the tournament was officially opened!

Perfect third tournament at Kalemegdan had significant support of sponsors, donors and technical sponsors. The great spectacle would not be as great had there not been the aid of our noble friends. The proud sponsors were: Rastosnica Transport Ltd. and Ramipa with 30,000 RSD each, Dorat MC, Planet Win 365, Miskone plastics and Belem with 10,000 RSD each and anonymous Neighbor of the blocks and Nikola Kar Bruveri with 7.000 RSD each.

The proud donor was a café Le petit bistro with 5,000 RSD, and proud technical sponsors were Agi pasta away and Ledeni kvas whose products the visitors could try out for symbolic humanitarian contributions. The technical support to the tournament was the Independent Student Association “All for Kosmet”, and the sports support came from clubs BC Borca and WBC Radivoj Korac. Their cadets were devoted volunteers, and then they jumped into their jerseys, mixed in and played an exhibition match.

We listened to excellent music thanks to Sale L and Paja Koba33, the DJ duo that has enriched many of our tournaments. The guys from the rap group D.N.K. also performed and the basketball anthem “Play and win” echoed at Kalemegdan. The best basketball freestyler in Europe, Nemanja Blazic Triki, presented his magical moves and we also observed the dance moves in performance electro boogie that was brought to us by Toza from the dance studio Fly. At one point, the terrain became the scene of the wrestling fights performed by the guys from the Wrestling Club Winner. The impressive moves left the audience breathless. The sports force of wrestling is enriching the sports manifestation Trojka iz bloka for years!
Rap group D.N.K.
Wrestling Club Winner
Nemanja Blazic Triki

The most precise triplet shooter who will proudly carry the title of the Kalemegdan champion was Mihailo Stojanovic with 21 triplets! The conqueror of the trophy of Trojka iz bloka is followed by one triplet less by the silver Damnjan Knezevic, and the bronze was won by Nenad Petrovic. Congratulations to best triplet shooters and congratulations to all those who were with us under the walls of Kalemegdan! Thanks to the media sponsor, the live stream on the Internet was secured, so the number of guests who have been with us was much higher, and the tournament was being watched all over the world! All photos can be viewed on our official Facebook page! With superb spectacle, we circled together the most successful season to date!
Finalists of the tournament at Kalemegdan
Great team of Trojka iz bloka
Winners of the tournament Trojka iz bloka at Kalemegdan

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793 messages to 7763 in August

So far, the action of sending a charity SMS to 7763 (in Serbia) has been supported by: by: Hip hop group THC la Familia Bosko Cirkovic Skabo, Beogradski Sindikat Nedeljko Jovanovic, Serbian national handball team Novica Bjelica, Serbian national volleyball team player Aleksandar Smiljanic, Serbian national basketball team player Students of the University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica

 Boban Marjanovic, NBA player  Drzavni posao Andrija Geric, Serbian national volleyball player Vasa Mijic, Serbian national volleyball player  Dusan Borkovic, Europan car driving champion  Zivko Zivkovic, FC Partizan goalkeeper  Milica Dabovic, Serbian national basketball player  Danica Krstic, singer Mirka Vasiljevic, actress  Marko Keselj, Serbian national basketball player  Ivana Korab, model, and Vujadin Savic, football player Sedn SMS to 7763 and support our project CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! Overview of messages sent since the beginning of the action: -March 2015: 4.570 messages -April 2015: 1.636 messages -May 2015: 1.495 messages -June 2015: 1.486 messages -July 2015: 3.118 порука - August 2015: 1.176 messages - September 2015: 1.176 messages -October 2015: 5.040 messages - November 2015: 1.438 messages - December 2015: 6.213 messages - January 2016: 2.617 messages - February 2016: 889 messages - March 2016: 3.278 messages - April 2016: 1.900 messages - May 2016: 1.848 messages - June 2016: 1.964 messages - July 2016: 2.847 messages - August 2016: 793 messages Total: 43,502 messages

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Working atmosphere at family Ristic on Kosovo and Metohija Family Ristic in December 2015 during the visit of the members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs

The house in a miserable condition, without bathroom and with several unsettled rooms marks the everyday life of family Ristic. Apart from modest social benefits, members of the family Ristic are also users of public kitchens. The primary plan is going to be to equip the bathroom and bring the house to a functional state, so that the children who are now adults could have their own rooms.

 Our host Sreten was delighted to welcome the insulation material

 The cousins are helping the members of the Ristic family in the works on insulating the house

 Doors and windows placed on the house

 Members of the family Ristic with the insulation material

 Outlook of the house prior to the beginning of works and the current state of the family Ristic home

We call upon all the people of good will to get involved and donate in order to help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs with the aim of helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout Balkan.

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