• April 18, 2024
 Birthday fundraiser for Serbian families in need

Birthday fundraiser for Serbian families in need

Calgary Serbs have some amazing young people they can be very proud of!  Marija and Doris, members of the Folklore Ensemble Frula, along with their good friend Deni, decided they didn’t need any gifts for their upcoming birthdays. Instead, they redirected the focus to Serbian families in the Balkans, living without the basic necessities.  Fortunate to be part of families who immigrated to Canada, they have not forgotten those who remained behind.

Doris and Marija are very active in the Serbian community in Calgary. Doris started the University of Calgary Serbian Club in 2013.  Although she has since graduated, Marija is now part of the executive board. Marija also sits on the board of directors for Frula. For these ladies, making a contribution to their Calgary Serbian community is very important.

This past summer, Marija and Doris, along with the other Ensemble Frula dancers, travelled to Serbia. They took part in the folklore festival in Zrenjanin, and they performed in Sirig and Basaid.  They were very moved by their experience there, and that, according to Doris, is what inspired their fundraiser. “The people have so little, but gave us so much, even though we did not necessarily need it. From hospitality, to gifts, to the sheer happiness they felt to have guests from Canada performing on their small stages – it was a very moving experience, and really reminded us how blessed we are to have the luxuries we have here when so many people who have so little are always willing to offer so much to others! SO, in a nutshell – I guess that would be the spark for why we went with this idea.”
Marija, Doris and Deni’s fundraising target of $500 has already been surpassed.  How much more will they collect? That depends on all of us!

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