• July 24, 2024
 “We miss mom so much!” – loss of their mother, fire, flood, no electricity… There is nothing the Đurašinovići haven’t endured!

“We miss mom so much!” – loss of their mother, fire, flood, no electricity… There is nothing the Đurašinovići haven’t endured!

Nothing is as it once was, everything is more difficult since my mother is gone. We miss her a lot“, said Nenad (14), Stefan (13) and Dragan (11), boys who spend their days studying, playing football and working with their father.

Mother Biljana passed away a few years ago from the corona virus. Lack of a female touch is evident in every inch of the dilapidated Đurašinović family home, located in the village of Donje Vodičevo near Novi Grad, where the Una and Sana rivers meet, that is, the mountains Grmeč and Kozara.

This is the fate that has befallen us, I was left alone to feed the children, to provide for them and guide them forward. They could not accept the loss of their mother. It’s hard for me, let alone for them. My late wife and I raised seven children, but the older ones, thank God, have moved out,” said single father Rajko.

Rajko was a first class fighter in the Republika Srpska Army, he fought in the war for four years. Although he receives a veteran’s allowance and modest help, he is forced, in order to survive, to constantly earn extra money. And he does so with the children!

The boys do everything, I have no complaints. Although they are still in elementary school, they go everywhere with me. However, no one will pay them what they pay me. If I make 50 marks, they give them 20 each. But here we are, struggling along. We keep sheep and pigs, and farm the land. At least we’re not hungry“, adds Rajko.

They are an example of misfortune following misfortune. In addition to the loss of their mother and wife, a fire destroyed everything they had, forcing them to start from scratch. On top of that, they have been without electricity for a year due to outstanding bills.

The humidity is killing us. And when the water starts flowing from the top of the hill, nothing can stop it, and it can fill our house with up to 10 centimeters of water. Then we empty it out as best as we can, but it’s really bad inside. The other day, wretched hail damaged our corn, oats and garden. Since we lost electricity, it is even more difficult. We can’t turn on the refrigerator, the machine, or the TV to at least watch soccer,” said Nenad, fourteen years old and a premature adult.

We asked the younger Đurašinovićs what their typical day looks like:

We go to school in the morning, and when we come back we help dad around the house and with preparing food. Then we go to work for a man. All three of us practice soccer, and if we had our own ball we would play here whenever we could. Our dream is to be soccer players like Dušan Tadić, my favorite player“, answered thirteen-year-old Stefan.

Rajko admits that sometimes he doesn’t have enough for his own needs , but never for his children’s, only his.

I am very sorry that I am not able to provide them with proper living conditions, but it is what it is. What they miss most is their mother, number one, and number two, the house needs to be repaired. They need somewhere to sleep, that’s it.  Only so that they might have something, my time has passed. I’m hoping for better, so we’ll see. May it be the will of the Lord.

The Đurašinović family, after all of its hardships, certainly deserves the support of us all. That is why the Charity Serbs for Serbs invites you to help us provide these children with warm, pleasant rooms, a dry house and, above all, a more beautiful and happier childhood. Your small donation will mean a lot to them!


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