• October 3, 2022

Mini three-pointer from the Block second time in New Gracanica Monastery!

Last year, Serbs for Serbs was invited by the organizers of the Midwest Diocese Summer Camp at New Gracanica Monastery in Third Lake Illinois to be the honorary Charity Organization to try and teach the campers about benefits and helping others.

In doing so, we decided to reward the kids with the Mini three-pointer from the Block charity tournament. Everyone from the kids to the monks had so much fun that they asked us to organize it one more time this year. With great joy, we obliged and just may have started a new tradition at Camp Gracanica with the charity three-point tournament.

This year we held the tournament during teen week and were able to have some wonderful discussions with the kids about the charitable work of Serbs for Serbs.

The tournament was held on a beautiful day and had boys and girls competing for the coveted Three-pointer from the Block trophy and title of the champion.

In the end, interestingly enough, this year’s winner was actually last year’s winner as well. With that, Stefan Radisic has become the first competitor of the Trojka tournaments to defend his crown as champion!

We wish him lots of success in the future and wish all the campers a great summer.

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