• July 24, 2024
 Born in a stable, living today without basic necessities – Dunja (3) from Kosovo and Metohija

Born in a stable, living today without basic necessities – Dunja (3) from Kosovo and Metohija

Three-year-old Dunja Nasković lives in the remote and isolated village of Odevce in Kosovo and Metohija, between Novo Brdo and Kosovska Kamenica. She is one of only a few children living in this village where only 50 Serbs remain.

Shy and quiet, she spends her days playing in the yard with her brother, Dušan (4). Unlike most children who own a variety of toys, the Nasković children have only three – a plastic gun, a broken hoop and a doll.

When asked what he would like to have, Dušan humbly replies, “We would love to have another bike so that we can ride together.” While Dunja nods in agreement he adds, “I would also like to have some tools, screwdrivers and a hammer so that I can fix things,” an indication of what he would like to do when he grows up.

“They were born in a converted barn where we lived until recently”

Single father, Dragan, despite his disability, is struggling to provide the basic necessities for his children. In a work-related accident, he lost his thumb and forefinger. We found him in his uniform, ready to continue with his job. With no machinery, Dragan does all the farming by hand.

Dušan and Dunja were born in a small converted section of a barn, measuring 3 metres squared, which was connected to the remaining barn that housed cows. We lived there until recently. We moved into a partially constructed home I had begun building. Unfortunately, with barely enough money for basic needs, we are unable to resume construction. Anyhow, we could no longer tolerate living in the barn. Not for myself, but for them, I would like to finish this” – Father Dragan describes the unbelievable living conditions this family has, and continues, to endure.

“She saw other children bathing in a bathroom, while we still bathe in a trough”

This brave father cares for his children with much love and care. The dignity and courage he shows confirm that this is a family that has earned respect and deserves help.

“It is my desire to get my children on the right track and to remain positive. It is hard for me when my daughter, Dunja, asks when we will have a bathroom. She saw other children bathing in a bathroom while we still bathe in a trough.” Struggling to speak, Father Dragan says this is what bothers him the most. He also adds, “I wish they had a room full of toys!”

The Nasković family is the first family the charity organization Serbs for Serbs plans to help during our Christmas campaign. This time, along with St. Nicholas, we will try to complete the construction of their home, give them a bathroom and a room full of toys. The cost is roughly 12.000 Euros.

We will need the help of all our donors for this venture. Join our Christmas campaign to help the Nasković family!

How can you help Dunja and be part of our Christmas campaign?

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