• April 18, 2024
 After years of hardship, better days have arrived for the Filipovic brothers

After years of hardship, better days have arrived for the Filipovic brothers

What we have observed in our 15 years of doing charitable work is that so often it is the youngest family members who hold onto the hope of a better tomorrow.

This time it is three boys, Nenad (20), Milovan (14) and Aleksandar (12), who finally have the chance to live normal lives after their mother divorced their father who had inflicted physical and emotional abuse on them for years.

In mid-April, we paid our first visit to the Filipovic home. We met these brave boys, who despite life’s hardships never let their spirit wane. We saw that their house was not habitable. The ceiling, a mixture of reeds and plaster, was on the verge of collapse. The furniture was old and worn.

Grandfather Milovan took out a bank loan to improve the living conditions for his grandchildren. He took care of some of the issues with the roof, flooring and rat infestation.

The struggles of this grandfather and his grandchildren did not go unnoticed by our charity, which along with our donors worldwide, decided to provide help for the Filipovic family!

The following improvements were made to the home: replacement of the entire roof and tiles, demit façade, new PVC windows, new furniture-two wardrobes, bunk bed with mattresses, a couch, new kitchen with a sink, new eavestroughs, installation of laminate flooring, completely renovated bathroom (replacement of electrical and water supply network in bathroom, as well as the supply and drainage of water from the house, plaster installation, new ceramic tiles, new shower and toilets.) The total cost of the project was RSD 1,398,164.

My grandchildren are all that I have and I fight as hard as I can for them. I can’t express how happy we are with everything you have done for us. This is a huge change for us – these were the grandfather’s joyous words of thanks and appreciation.

The charity organization Serbs for Serbs would like to thank its donors for another successfully completed project. There are less than two months remaining in the year, and dozens of families waiting for our help. We invite our donors to continue to support our charity and to follow updates of our work.

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