June 18, 2010


Serbs for Serbs is a non-profit organization, dedicated to raising the awareness about the crucial social problems facing Serbs everywhere. Through our projects we are striving to show that self-reliance, honesty, transparency and compassion are essential for the future social development of our nation.

Several years ago, a group of young bloggers on Serbiancafe.com, started a blog with a question how to help the less fortunate of us, specifically Serb families with 5 children or more who live in poverty. From that blog our first project was born - Children are Our Future, and subsequently the name of our organization.

Why Serbs for Serbs? Out of our main principle of self-reliance, we are striving to instill a belief in Serbs everywhere that our duty is to help ourselves. Serbs helping other Serbs! We believe that through carefully planned actions and projects, we can translate our mission and principles into visible and measurable results. In addition, we believe that compassion is not bound by narrow limits of ethnic background, and are open to cooperation with all individuals and organizations that embrace our mission.

Over the course of the last three years, we have helped more than 350 children. Insisting on a full and complete transparency, we have published on our web-site every donation received. With the exception of fees that banks charge us to transfer funds, all donations have made it to their destination, thus making our administrative costs minimal.

Our first project Children are Our Future is a multi-layered challenge. Our primary goal is to help Serb families with five or more children who live in poverty. With the population of Serbia continuously decreasing, helping these families is of absolute necessity. But it is much more than that! At first we are helping the recipients of our aid with basic necessities such as food and urgent medical help. But our long term goal is to teach them the importance of self-reliance, and help them through education, training and networking to permanently exit the state of poverty.

In our quest to shape the social development of our nation, we need your help. Perhaps you can donate to our cause, volunteer your time, or simply send us an e-mail with your comments and ideas we would like to hear from you.

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