July 16, 2015

Works on the Siljegovic house continued

Report: SFS Republic of Srpska /RECEIPTS/
With the arrival of spring and nice weather we continued the works on the family house of the seven-member family Siljegovic from Miljakovci near Prijedor. Let us remember, during the first part of the works late last year we managed to pour the first floor slab and build a roof construction before the coming winter. In the second part we started the execution of “inner” installation works, so we finished the first phases of plumbing and electrical installations. During the second part of the action we spent 7.936,36 KM and together with the means from the first phase of 9.225,00 KM it makes the total amount for building the house for Siljegovics 17.161,36 KM.

Family Siljegovic consists of father Milivoj, mother Tanja and their five children: Tatjana (18), Vedrana (16), Jovana (14), Nevena (10) and the youngest Luka (2).

The first phase of plumbing includes the building of the water well and setting of inflow and outflow pipes, while the second phase will include installation of faucets and drains in the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as the complete equipment of the bathroom.

The first phase of the electrical installation works included the power supply to the object, installation of electricity meter and distribution of cables around the house, while the second phase includes the installation of sockets, lighting in the house etc.

After the first phase the father of the family should plastering of the walls, after which the craftsmen will come back and finish all installation works. We paid both first and second phases of the works.

Also, since mother Tanja asked us to buy them a bunk because the one in which they were sleeping fell apart, we provided a corner bearing and an armchair. That will also be used in the new house when they move in.

The specification of the funds spent:

830,00 KM – furniture    
3.306,00 – plumbing
2.500,00 – electrical installation
950,36 KM – construction material
350,00 KM – craftsmen

After finishing the second part of works the house should be completely equipped and enabled for settling in. Setting of floor covering and joinery should follow. In order to finish successfully another great project of our organization and move another family into their new home, we call upon all friends and donors of our organization to get involved into the action of collecting means according to their possibilities.

SfS Republic of Srpska

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