April 26, 2016

Works on Baljak family house in Krajina

As part of the action „In time for Bozic“, which was started by the branch of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Canada, the plan is to help the Baljak family, living near Obrovac in Dalmatia, to renovate part of the house for the children to use. 6,403 Euros were paid for the purchase of construction material and doors and windows. The family consists of the parents, Trivun and Radmila, and their children, Petar (20), Branko (18), Milana (16), Bozidar (14), Biljana (13), and Zeljko (11). Since the family consists of so many children, it was decided to start the project so that the children would have basic living conditions, as well as conditions for their education. As part of the project, the plan is to repair the roof, floors, to adapt two rooms into bedrooms, and to build a proper bathroom. Since the money for the construction material had already been provided, we publish a photo report of the works which started not long ago. The plan is to finish with the works by the end of May.

Construction material in the yard of the Baljak family

Construction material in the yard of the Baljak family

ПInstalling fert beams and beam fills

РWorks on the future bathroom

Bathroom floor paved with concrete

Baljak family in their future bathroom

First floor paved with concrete

Happy and satisfied Baljak family

In order for us to be able to help more families in the area of Krajina, we invite you to join the upcoming big Easter action, which we plan to conduct throughout Dalmatia, Lika, Kordun, Western Slavonia and Banovina.

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