September 05, 2016

Works in progress on the family Samardzic house

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited in May the family Samardzic from a village Postoljani near Nevesinje in the Republic of Srpska and on that occasion it was agreed to help in the procurement of building material for the completion of the works on the new home so that the family could move as soon as possible from the old house, which is in poor condition. Members of the family Samardzic are single mother Zeljka with sons Bozo (25), Ilija (23), Lazar (19) and a daughter Jovana (14). The works on the new house have started in late July, the attic was walled and currently the roof structure is being set. The value of the provided material is 6,235 BAM. Below you can see the photos of the works on the new home of the family Samardzic.

The layout of the house in May 2015, during the first visit of SFS to the family

Construction material which was quickly used in the construction of the house

Building the attic

Walled attic

Solemnly marked the setting of the roof construction on the house

Current layout of the house of the family Samardzic

Family Samardzic in May 2016 in front of the house

In order to move the family Samardzic into their new home, they need windows and doors, so we invite all people of good will to engage and contribute in order to help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs who aim to help socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families through Balkan.

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