December 28, 2015

Working visit to Kosovo and Metohija
In the heat of the last terrorist attacks on our fellow citizens in Metohija, as part of the upcoming big CHRISTMAS ACTION, representatives of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS visited fifteen families throughout Kosovo-Metohija enclaves. We devoted most attention to visiting, supporting and helping families from Gorazdevac, who were in the center of attacks.

We first visit families in Novo Brdo Municipality, where we find our old acquaintances, the Stojkovic family. The family consists of the parents, and their children Andrija (4) and Luka (2). We first helped this family two years ago. Unfortunately, the house is still in very bad condition, and living conditions for the youngest are inhumane.
Stojkovic family from the village of Straza in Novo Brdo

Our prime goal when it comes to this family is definitely to improve the condition of the house, so that the children could grow and develop. Apart from that, the Stojkovics pointed out that purchasing a water pump to supply the house with water, chairs, a table and kitchen cabinets would considerably improve their situation.

In the village of Parlovo, we find another family living in inconceivably bad conditions - in a dilapidated house without a chimney, and with a roof threatening to collapse, not to mention a lack of bathroom which should be a must. This is the house of Slavisa and Tanja Stamenkovic and their four children, Nemanja (6), the twins Uroš and Djordje (5), and the youngest, Andjelka (1),
Youngest Stamenkovic family members with their mother and grandmother going through rough times

In the village where Siptars have slowly started purchasing abandoned households, youngest Stamenkovic family members have no one but one another. Just like with the Stojkovic family, our prime goal will be to fit out the house to ensure normal and safe living for the children. Apart from the urgent works on the house, the Stamenkovics also need some basic furniture and appliances, like a fridge, wood-burning stove and three beds for the children.

We see a lot better situation in the household of the Vasic family from Gornji Korminjan. A young married couple, Milos and Sanja, live in the same household with their son David (1), and Milos’s parents and brothers. As their prime need, the Vasics pointed out purchasing floor and bathroom tiles (70 m2) in order to fit out several newly built rooms.
Vasic family with representatives of organization SERBS FOR SERBS

We move on and visit the Stankovic family from Donji Korminjan, consisting of the parents, Dragan and Dragica, and their children, Aleksandar (24) and Milica (19). Beside the fact that they are unemployed, their living conditions are fairly moderate. In order to fit out one room for the children, we need to purchase about 20 m2 of laminate, plasterboard and Styrofoam.
Stankovic family with organization representatives in their household

In Odanovci, we reach the Dimitrijevic family, consisting of the parents, Dejan and Branka, and their children, Dusan (15), Vukasin (10), and Tomislav (5). This hard working family is engaged in breeding livestock, and what they need the most are laying hens and some furniture: washing machine, bed and wardrobe.
Dimitrijevic family in front of their family house

After almost four years, we meet again with the Ristic family from the village of Srezovce. The first time we modestly helped this troubled family by purchasing some basic house necessities. Unfortunately, the situation with this family is almost identical as when we first visited them. The entire family, consisting of the parents, Sreten and Sonja, and their children, Snezana (16), Jovana (15), Milos (11), and Ivana (10), has only one room to live in.
Ristic family with no bathroom in their household

The house is in extremely bad condition, with no bathroom, and with several unfitted rooms. This is what daily life is like for the Ristic family. Apart from modest social welfare, they are also users of a soup kitchen. Our prime goal is to fit out the bathroom and other rooms, so that children would have their own rooms. Our plan is also to purchase a wood burning stove for the Ristic family.

Not far from Gracanica, in the village of Novo Badovce, we visit the Arsic family. The parents, Milos and Dragana, have two children, Djordje (3), and Todor (1 month old). In order to fix the wall in the bathroom, we need to purchase tiles and plasterboard.
Arsic family and members of the organization Serbs for Serbs together in the photo

In Donja Gusterica, we visit the family of Dejan and Marija Zivkovic. They live with their children, Petar (12), Nemanja (11), and Kristina (9) in the same household with Dejan’s parents, and they need laminate (50 m2) for the floor in the new house built in the same yard. They would also need a wood burning stove to heat the rooms.
SZS with Zivkovic family in Donja Gusterica

We learn about another life story in the village of Skulanevo. Igor Milic lives his wife Vera (the Goran woman from Albania) and their two daughters Nikolija (2) and Neda (1) in one small room. Due to cramped living space, little Nikolija knocked down a container with hot water while playing, and gained serious burns on her foot.
Milic family in their home

The Milic family also breeds livestock, so they pointed out that they could use a cow or motocultivator. To broaden their living space, it would be necessary to purchase building blocks, and a freezer would also be of use to the entire Milic household.

The last family we visit on this day is the family of Ivan and Jelena Jovic, who live in the same household with their two children, Andjelina (5) and Nikolina (1), and Ivan’s mother.
Jovic family

Ivan is a sexton at a local church. We find him trying to patch the house up before the upcoming winter. In order to help the Jovic family to improve the condition of their house, we plan to provide material for insulation in the coming period. Apart from insulation, the Jovic family would also need a wood burning stove to heat the rooms, and a bed for the children.

We continue visiting families the next day in the area of Metohija. As was previously mentioned, we focus on visits in Gorazdevac. Beside our plan to help the families, we also wanted to show support to the Serbian people who remained in the village after the terrorist attack, which happened about a week ago. In cooperation with local Serbian authorities and the brotherhood of the Visoki Decani Monastery, we visited three families.

First we visited the family of Veljko and Dijana Zdravkovic, who have four underage daughters: Andjela (12), Isidora (9), Sofija (6), and Neda (4). We will try to provide a wood burning stove for this family.
Youngest Zdravkovic family members in their home

After that, we reach the household of Boban and Sladjana Krstic, who have two children: Lazar (4) and Damjan (2). Boban breeds livestock, so he told us that he could use another cow, or two calves for breeding.
Krstic family from Gorazdevac

The last family from Gorazdevac that we plan on helping is the family of Pera and Milica Kastratovic, who were not at home at the time of our visit.
Kastratovic family in their home

They have two children: Radmila (2) and Milic (1), and we learned that the mother, Milica, is pregnant again and that they soon expect another child. We plan to provide an electric stove and a freezer for this family.

Our last visit in Metohija was to the family of Dragosalv and Gordana Djuric from Osojane. Their house was built not long ago, and it is unfinished on the inside. To make it suitable for living, we need to provide interior doors, material for bathroom and floor, as well as water installation. There are three underage children in the Djuric family: Tamara (15), Dragisa (11), and Danijel (9), so fitting out the new house is definitely a priority.
Djuric family with father Isajia from the Visoki Decani Monastery and SZS

As part of the Christmas action in the area of Metohija, the plan is to purchase a corn harvester, which will be at disposal to all households in Velika Hoca, which are engaged in agriculture. Also, for the needs of Soup kitchens, a machine will be provided for sorting potatoes which are grown on 15 ha of church land all over Kosovo and Metohija.

Apart from visiting the families south of the river Ibar, a bit earlier we also visited the Milicevic family from Socanica near Leposavic in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija. The family consists of the parents, Milan and Sneza, and their children, Jana (17), Perica (14), Nikolina (11), and Mihajlo (4). The head of the family, Milan, works at the Water company. They receive child benefit and they are engaged in agriculture, but they would be happy if they could get a cow in order to provide dairy products for their own needs and for selling as well.

Due to attacks on several Serbian families in the previous days, two families were subsequently added to the list of families that will be helped. The first is the Simonovic family from Srbobran, consisting of the parents, Zoran and Dana, and their sons, Milan (16) and Bogdan (11). We will help the family by providing glass for the newsstand where they work, and which was hit by several bullets during the attack.
Mother Dana and her son Bogdan in front of the newsstand which was shot at

The second is the family of the priest Milos Vukic from Osojane, who lives with his wife Danijela and his children Helena (6), and Andjela (3). In the attack, the house of father Milos was burgled, so the plan is to help this family by purchasing new and better front door.
Priest Milos Vukic from Osojane

Dark clouds are above our suffering people throughout Metohija again. We truly hope that there will not be another storm and that Serbian people will resist all thrusts and attempts to be erased from their hearths. Whatever happens, the organization SERBS FOR SERBS will be there for the people and will serve them as part of its charity mission, with the aim of survival and subsistence of our people in both Metohija and Kosovo. We call upon all competent institutions, associations and individuals to comprehend the seriousness of the whole safety situation in our Southern Province and make DONATIONS to provide a more carefree childhood for Serbian children.


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