January 23, 2016

Wood burning stove for Gavrilovic family

As part of the traditional Christmas action, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the eight-member Gavrilovic family from Potkozarje, near Banja Luka. The family was previously visited in mid-November, when we agreed on helping them by purchasing a wood burning stove. The family consists of the parents, Stanislav and Rada, and their six children, Danko (19), Danijela (17), Dragana (12), Duska (10), Nikola (5), and Milos (3), and they live in very hard conditions. The value of the wood burning stove is 845 BAM.

Gavrilovic family from Banja Luka

Nikola, Duska, Milos, Danijela, and Dragana Gavrilovic

The Gavrilovic family fled the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last war and found refuge in the Republic of Srpska. The eight of them found home in Potkozarje, in a house which still lacks basic conditions. Our members visited them in November, when the action was started to buy them the wood burning stove. When we collected enough money, we bought the stove and delivered it to them after Christmas.

Gavrilovic children in front of their new wood burning stove

Since no one bought them anything, as the Gavrilovics say, they did not keep hope that we would come again. Thanks to donors, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs once again showed that Serbian children from multiple children families have someone to turn to. The Gavrilovics would also like to thank everybody, although they still can not believe that someone thought of them, too.

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