April 06, 2014

With all our hearts for family Dragojevic

During the last weekend in the Serbian cultural society in Duebendorf, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs organized a charity evening under the name With all our hearts for family Dragojevic, with projection of the movie Barking on the stars. The aim of the gathering was to raise funds for building a house for the endangered seven-member family Dragojevic from the village Martinici near Podgorica (Montenegro).

The gatherings of this kind have, apart from their charity character, the aim of keeping and cherishing our culture, and getting to know the young Serbs in diaspora with the Serbian cinematography.

The great number of guests on the projection gathered to help the endangered family Dragojevic. The help was organized together by Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, members of the association of Serbian students in Switzerland, the Serbian cultural society, headed by Tanja Radojevic and Cultural-artistic society Sloga.

The entire income of the tickets will be used for the project of helping family Dragojevic, which is supported by the brotherhood of the monastery Ostrog.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Switzerland will support the charity Easter concert on April 12 in the hall of the Serbian cultural society Duebendorf. Young artists from the organization of the Serbian students in Switzerland will perform in the concert. All the income from the tickets for the concert will be used for charity purpose.  

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