October 25, 2017

Windsor’s Gracanica Community Keeps on Giving!

This is not the first time Serbs for Serbs have thanked their friends from Windsor's Gracanica church community. And knowing how motivated they are to help needy Serbian families in the Balkans, we are sure it will not be the last!

This energetic, generous community devoted two weekends of their time, October 14th and October 20th and 22nd, to hosting a garage sale/bake sale fundraiser. In the end, they collected a total of $3,110.00 for Serbs for Serbs, which included a $500.00 donation from the adult dance group Poletarci.

Organizers of this fundraiser, Dara Gidak, Ljiljana Sikman and Zeljka Jovanovic, had no trouble putting together a team of volunteers who were more than happy to lend a hand. They were: Ljiljana Subotic, Slavko Sikman, Milos Gidak, Lidija Velimirovic, Mirjana Spiric, Lily Ciganovic, Anne Dube, Dubravka Jurjevic, Aleksandra Novicic, Bozo and Dragica Spiric, Grujo Stevanov (Lala), Mira Bazarevic, Jelka Supic and Tijana Lukic.

When asked why Gracanica's church community organized this fundraiser, Dara Gidak answered without hesitation, "We organized this fundraiser to help our people in need and it was pure pleasure doing so."

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