July 01, 2015

Weekend of “Trojka iz bloka” in Palilula

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the Palilula Municipality have successfully organized the two-day manifestation the Weekend of “Trojka iz bloka” in Palilula on June 20 and 21 2015. On the tournaments in Borca and Ada Huja we collected the incredible amount of 328.090 dinars! Eight sponsors in Borca and 149 competitors in both tournaments, with strong support of the Palilula Municipality turned this manifestation into the shining example of benevolence – this is the second “Trojka iz bloka” in Palilula, it lasted for two days, it took place in two spots and it set the second best record by the amount of the money collected!

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs thanks all the sponsors, donors and technical sponsors, as well as volunteers, who contributed to the full splendor of this manifestation! The support of the Palilula Municipality as well as the NIS Company, Basketball Association of Serbia and numerous other great names which mean safety and success, prove that  the sport-charity project “Trojka iz bloka” is on the right path in fulfilling its noble mission of building and renovating the bathrooms to the socially disadvantaged multiple children families throughout Balkan!

The first day of the manifestation was organized on the fields of Elementary school “Jovan Ristic” in Borca. A total of 86 contestants applied for shooting three-pointers, and many people came to support the second tournament in a row in Borca. The tournament commenced by intoning the anthem “The God of Justice”, performed by Andjela Tasic, after which Milos Simovic, the manager of the project “Trojka iz bloka” and the media representative of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, addressed the crowd and pointed out that regardless of the medals and the trophy, the winner of the tournament is each person who came to the tournament and applied for shooting, because in that manner he contributed to provide the new bathroom for the six-member family Makrenic from Borca. After that, the president of the Palilula Municipality Stojan Nikolic addressed the participants, and asked for applause for the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and everything the organization has been doing for years. With gratitude to everyone who came to the tournament, president Nikolic made an appeal to send a SMS to 7763, and thus help the socially disadvantaged multiple children families throughout Serbia and the region. Our famous handball player Nedeljko Jovanovic and Nikolina Moldovan, one of the Moldovan sisters – the best Serbian and European kayaks, who together with her sister and the rest of the Kayak canoe club BSK Borca came to support the tournament, had brief statements.

With the help of the people of good will and true sport fans who came to support the second “Trojka iz bloka” in Borca we collected 30.360 dinars at the tournament. Eight proud sponsors supported the tournament in Borca: “I-Tech Elite” Belgrade by donating 20.000 dinars, “Restaurant Tara” Borca – 15.000 dinars, Exchange Office and the car registration agency “Easy” Borca – 7.000 dinars, Café “No stress” Borca – 7.000 dinars, “Wellux” LTD Belgrade – 7.000 dinars, Café “Ragina glava” Borca – 7.000 dinars, Auto center “Auto kes” Borca – 5.000 dinars and Café “Eho” Borca – 5.000 dinars. The sponsors donated in total 73.000 dinars, and we also had an anonymous donation of 3.000 dinars. At the beginning of July we expect to receive the generous donation by the Palilula Municipality in the amount of 100.000 dinars, so the tournament in Borca can be proud of the income of 206.360 dinars!

Next to shooting three-pointers, the visitors and participants had the opportunity to enjoy in the entertainment section of the tournament. The good atmosphere was created by the rappers of the group THC La Familia and Belgrade rappers from the left Danube bank Uncle Dzo, Manda and Duca. The dancing group “Flaj” from Borca had remarkable performance, and there was also a demonstration of the martial arts – by the members of the wrestling club “Pobednik” from Borca and members of the MMA team “Car Dusan Silni” from Belgrade. One of the best football freestylers of the Europe Nikola Milosevic-Djota had much applause, and in the pause between the first part of the competition and the finals, the youngest selections of the basketball club “Borca” played an exhibition match. The official DJ of “Trojka iz bloka” and DJ of THC La Familia Sale L took care of the music. The best shooter, who won the first place, was Milos Jovanovic who received a gold medal and a trophy, the second place and silver medal went to Ivan Vasilijevic, and the third place and bronze was won by Mihajlo Stojanovic. We congratulate the winners, but the biggest winners are all people of good will who came to Borca and showed to the members of the Makrenic family that they are not alone!

The second day of the manifestation continued in grand style on the basketball fields of the Ada Huja promenade. The president of the Palilula Municipality again joined the people of good will and while opening the event emphasized that during the next year the works on cleaning the bayou of Ada Huja will commence. “Trojka iz bloka”, the champion manifestation of the sport spirit, announces better times for Ada Huja! The mission of the tournament attracted many people on the field near the Danube, with 63 applied contestants and 21.730 dinars collected! We expect another donation from the Palilula Municipality for the second day of the tournament in the amount of 100.000 dinars, so the total amount collected on Ada Huja is 121.730 dinars. Great support to the mission of “Trojka iz bloka”!

In the pause of the tournament an exhibition match between the youngest members of the basketball club “Karaburma basket” was played, and the present people had the opportunity to enjoy in the performance of the rapper Uncle Dzo, who is using each opportunity to become the part of the mission of “Trojka iz bloka”. Popular Belgrade DJ “Voice” was responsible for good music and atmosphere during the tournament. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs owes special thank to Café “Dilema” on Ada Huja for the technical support to the tournament. The champion of Ada Huja was Jovan Graic who won the gold medal and the trophy, Marko Zigic won the second place, while Nemanja Savic won the third place. The manifestation Weekend of “Trojka iz bloka” was supported by many media. TV Studio B and Happy TV were present on Ada Huja. Tv Internet portal of the Palilula municipality was broadcasting live both tournaments. Many significant media, daily newspapers and Internet portals were reporting of Weekend: Blic, B92, Dan u Beogradu, Start Srbija, Telegraf and many others. We congratulate and thank everyone who came and supported the two-day manifestation Weekend of “Trojka iz bloka” in Palilula.

We all give a little so that someone could get a lot! And we know that the help to the multiple children socially endangered families is a great deal! We continue, together!
Become the part of “Trojka iz bloka”!

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