February 12, 2011

We visited family Šmigić

Armed with positive energy and desire that as soon as we can get to the refugee families Šmigić, three-man Serbs for Serbs crew (1 representative from Nis and 2 from Jagodina) went to the village of Bunar which is 12 kilometers away from Jagodina. The family consists of father Ilija Šmigić, mother Slavica, children Miljan (18), Jelena (17), Ljubisa (15) and Miljana (13). families Šmigić are the refugees from Kosovo and Metohija since 1998, and forcibly moved into an abandoned school building. Before we meet family Smigic we went to the store, and there we buy sweets for children (3454 din.), And of the spiritual food we bring them books gift of the Orthodox Diocese of Nish.

When we arrived at the home of family Šmigić, we were unpleasantly surprised by the financial situation in this family.Neither mother nor father does not work, or as they say they can not find a steady job, living on social assistance and help from good people who help them from time to time. We can safely say that it would be easier to count the things you have, but those who are absent, and mostly what they have is old and worn out.

With family Smigic we agree that the three things are necessary. The first thing is smederevac stove, which is old and decrepit, and as a mother Slavica says, for him it can't bake bread (which is extremely important for the family, because they don't  have money for bread).

Another thing the beds, which are quite old, 2 children beds were in a disastrous situation we decide to buy two beds (or as it turned out sofa bed).

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