April 17, 2011

We helped the Milić family again

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We paid another visit to the Milić family originating from Kosovo and Metohija, and now settled in the suburbs of Podgorica, in Vrela Ribnička, a refugee camp. The father of the family, Miladin, came back after the recovery and a treatment due to his asthma problems. We delivered the help provided by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Switzerland, but we also used the opportunity to talk to them about the possible long-term solution.

One of the suggestions we made considered moving the family to Old Raška or Vojvodina, where we would provide them a house and some basic conditions to commence an independent life. However, they are more interested in staying in Montenegro, where they roots are, so we decided to help them find a parcel in order to build a house with the help of UNHCR and the company where Miladin was employed.

Miladin is aware of the fact that he can no longer perform jobs in his old company, but he is willing to grow animals in order to feed his family. Of course, his children would be of immense help.

A parcel could be bought in some of the villages between Podgorica and Danilovgrad, where they would be near the family of the oldest daughter.

Our organization will try to provide the resources for a parcel of approximately 300m2.

The ultimate goal of these actions is to secure the displaced families and to help them provide the conditions to have an independent life. We think that buying the parcel would be a good ground for a new start. Also, the occasional help is not enough, so we must ensure a permanent solution for the families to be motivated to work instead waiting for the charity.

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