April 17, 2011

We delivered food to the Danjek family

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The representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs organized on 8th of April the delivery of food to the seven-member Danjek family from the village Ravno selo in Vojvodina, in the amount of 25.000 dinars. We found out that the family didn't have enough food for a while, so we delivered oil, flour, sugar, potato, onion and other necessary groceries. The Artemida 1 store from Zemun donated a package of sweets for the children.

After we brought food, we used the opportunity to talk with the father of the family, Saša, about his plans to grow animals and farming, which could help the family to build a safer future for their children. We went to Vrbas with Saša, where we donated 25.000 dinars to provide the property certificate to the family. With the help of the journalist of Politika and TV Bačka Petko Koprivica, the procedure should be finished within the next 10 days.

That was just a small step towards the permanent independence of this family to get the normal conditions for a modest life. Unfortunately, the numerous visits of the representatives of political parties and the promises of the municipality officials didn't help. Our organization uses this opportunity to help the family provide some necessities – build the toilet, build the barn and grow the plants.


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