September 25, 2012

Visiting the monastery of St. Nikolaj

On the holiday Beheadingof Saint John, the donors and members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the brotherhood of the youngest Serbian monastery of the St. Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović on Soko Grad (near Ljubovija), and donated a humble gift for the prosperity and further development of the holy place in the mother country. The monastery is an endowment of the Bishop of Šabac, Lavrentije, dedicated to the St. Nikolaj Velimirovič, who was a bishop of Lelić and Žiča. For more than a decade, an international manifestation Moba is taking place, and gathering the young people from abroad, originating from this place.
The monastery complex includes a small church, a museum and an area for the guests, but also the workshop for the brotherhood. The Home of the bishop Nikolaj is located next to the monastery. It has a library, dining room, an apartment with 32 single rooms and other rooms. On the rock which is dominating the area, and which consisted a part of the Turkish fortification, a plated cross has been built, as a sign of the repentance of the German people for having participated in an insane aggression on Serbia in 1999, a gift to the monastery by the family Vrobel from Germany. 
A monument of the St. Bishop Nikolaj, 3 meters high, is a work of Darinka Radovanović, a sculptor from Belgrade, and it is a present of Branko Tupanjac, a Serb from Chicago. In the spiritual oasis, one can often find artists, painters, writers... all those who are seeking for the harmony of the spirit and the world.
The humble room of the museum contains the documents and photos of the life and work of Bishop Nikolaj, from his birth until his death. Second part of the museum space is dedicated to the archeological objects, history of Soko grad, life and customs of the inhabitants. As well as their late predecessor, nun Jefimija, the nuns of this monastery have given a number of handcraft, apart from their prayers and regular monastery chores. There is an artistic workshop, next to the church museum, where the nuns are painting icons and frescoes, and embroidery on silk, in praise of the Lord and holy teachers.
Prayer chapels are very special, and they are located outside the monastery complex. There are 10 chapels of stone from the monastery to the plated cross. Each of them contains one of the 10 Commandments of God, and the Serbian painters have painted the interior of the chapels. A voyagercan think, in silence, of each Commandment, and find a way to the Lord, and see his life path, pure thoughts of his life on earth among people.
With faith in God, we continue our journey Children are our future.
Serbs for Serbs (Belgrade), September 11, 2012.

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