March 05, 2015

Visiting Sretenovic family from Milanovac

Report: Stefan Lazic /PHOTO GALLERY/
In February, we visited the nine-member Sretenovic family from Ugrinovci, Gornji Milanovac municipality. The parents, Dobrivoje and Dusanka have seven children: Nada (17), Aleksandar (15), Andrija (14), Nemanja (12), Ana (10), Mila (9) and Jasmina (8). They live in a very old house with no bathroom, or a space to make one. The plan is to provide the family with a cow, and to construct and furnish the bathroom using the money raised in the sports-charity “Trojka iz bloka” project, which will be held on May 10, 2015 in Gornji Milanovac.


House where the Sretenovic family lives

Mila, Nemanja, Jasmina, Andrija and Ana Sretenovic

Ugrinovci is a village at the foot of the Rudnik Mountain, about 15 kilometers from Gornji Milanovac. The only monthly income of the Sretenovic family is child benefit in the amount of 10,000 RSD. The only livestock they have are two goats and several hens.

They do not even have a wardrobe for their things, and only two rooms on the first floor are fit to be used, and this is where this nine-member family sleeps. During our visit, the oldest children, Nada and Aleksandar were at school, so they are not in the photos.

One of the rooms where members of the Sretenovic family sleep

The other room in the small Sretenovic house

Talking to Dobrivoje and Dusanka, we have come to a conclusion that what they need the most is a bathroom, and also a cow. Over 300,000 RSD is needed to provide the family with both of these. Our aim is to join forces and help the Sretenovic family and enable them to improve their basic living conditions.

Jasmina and Andrija Sretenovic

Ana Sretenovic

The oldest, Nada goes to High School of Economics, and Aleksandar goes to Technical High School in Gornji Milanovac. The younger children, Andrija, Nemanja, Ana, Mila and Jasmina go to primary school in their village. It needs mentioning that the oldest son, Aleksandar uses Orthodox books to look at the images of saints and then he paints them on wood.

Mila, showing us artistic works of her older brother Aleksandar

Cheerful Nemanja Sretenovic

We call upon all people of good will to continue supporting the work of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS and thus help and give joy to numerous children in need.


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