April 28, 2015

Visiting Milicevic family from Uzice

In mid-April, we visited the nine-member Milicevic family from the village of Dreznik, Uzice Municipality. The grandmother, Zorka, lives with her nephew Zoran and his wife Mirjana, who have six children (in the photo, left to right): Marina (12), Mirko (4.5 months old), Marko (14), Milomir (4), Milica (10), and Milan (8). Since both parents are unemployed, the father, Zoran, provides for the family by working for a daily wage wherever he can find work to do. As part of the “Trojka iz bloka” project, which will be held for the first time in Uzice, on April 30, at 1 p.m., in the Big Park, the plan is to provide the Milicevic family with a new bathroom to ensure the youngest family members grow up healthier and happier.

Zoran and Mirjana have a lot of problems, but they do not lack love and happiness. Their problems are of financial and existential nature. These good people barely manage to make ends meet with the minimum welfare of 15,000 RSD and without child benefit, and since the other day, also without the electricity. Past unpaid bills, including the ones that are huge and inconceivable for a rural household, led to electricity cutoff. The Milicevic family now lives in the dark and without water supply, and the six children only see the light in their good parents, who work hard from sunrise to late night, working for a daily wage throughout the Uzice region. The children are excellent students at a school, and their house is full of diplomas and successes sprung from the family wing of love and warmth. The grandmother, Zorka, is almost ninety years old, but God gave her good voice, eyesight and reason, so she takes care of the children while their parents are away from home. She tells them stories and amuses them, as much as she can. And the children let us on that they also tell her stories. These good people are fighting their problems every day and do not let themselves despond. Together, they have tilled the field in front of their house after 15 years…      

Zoran Milicevic, one of the forgotten heroes from Kosare

Up to 2006, Zoran had a job, and when he lost it, their serious problems started. Several employers never paid him salaries or contributions, but Zoran is used to it and does not complain about anyone. At the age of twenty, he spent 16 months in the war in Kosovo and Metohija, in 1998 and 1999. He survived the attack on the Kosare blockhouse and came back to his village with two pieces of shrapnel in his shoulder, and without any military honours, let alone wages or compensation. Up to the present day, everything he has, he has acquired with his two hands and he continues to believe in nothing but them.

Bathroom “entry”

The Charity organization “Serbs for Serbs” has existed since 2005 and has been helping socially disadvantaged multiple children families throughout the Balkans. The sports-charity “Trojka iz bloka” project was first held in 2012 in block 23 in Novi Beograd. The project has been supported by the Basketball Federation of Serbia, Partizan and Red Star Basketball Clubs, as well as other personalities from the fields of sports, art and education. Now, together with the esteemed sponsors, they are all inviting you to show the Milicevic family that they are not alone, and to help them and try to make their hard lives at least a bit easier. For a start, let’s change these unpleasant scenes.  

All participants of the tournament will feel rewarded when these sights become better and prettier. The best three shooters will get medals and prize flying in the aircraft of the Uzice Aero Club, and also tickets for the City pool! Those who are going to be in charge of great atmosphere at the tournament are the well known Belgrade rap groups Sick Touch, Zvezde Grajma and FTP, who are going to perform between the first part of the tournament and the finals, and in their unique way give support to the tournament and the Milicevic family. Be a part of Trojka iz bloka! See you in the Big Park on April 30!

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