August 12, 2014

Visiting family Stevanovic from Goracici

Members and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited on July 11 a seven-member family Stevanovic from the village Goracici in Lucane municipality. The family consists of the unemployed parents Zivorad and Ivana and their five children: Aleksa (14), Luka (13), Lazar (11), Matija (9) and the youngest Iva (7). SfS plans to provide a new bathroom for this family within the project Trojka iz bloka, after the tournament on July 19 on the field Poligoni of Sport-recreative center Mladost in Lucani.

Currently bathroom

House storage - a future place of new bathroom

The family lives in 50m2, and their monthly income consists of the social benefit in the amount of 19.000 dinars and child benefit in the amount of 10.000 dinars. They have in their ownership some land, a cow, calf, three sheep and three lambs, hens and a small garden. Their current bathroom is very small and in very bad condition, so we planned to tear down the wall between the bathroom and the pantry, so that there would be enough place in the future bathroom. Ivana asked us to provide them a washing machine, because the existing one often needs to be repaired.

All the children attend the elementary school in Goracici, while the oldest Aleksa plans to go to the Food and Catering high school in Cacak.

Zivorad plans to build a separate barn, because the existing one is leaning against the house. That would enable him to provide additional rooms for the children.

The road to the house of the Stevanovic family is in a bad condition, so on our way back the neighbors offered us to transport us on a tractor trailer to our car.

We call upon all the firms, donors and people of good will to participate in the project Trojka iz bloka, and thus enable the children to live in hygienic conditions with dignity.  

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