September 27, 2013

Visiting family Pejic near Subotica

Representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Novi Sad, and the Ravnica Srpska Association from Subotica visited in September family Pejic from Gornji Tavankut near Subotica. Family Pajic is a refugee one, and it came from Bjelovar after the war in Croatia. The family consists of father Stevan (57), mother Milena (48), daughter Milica (24), sons Slobodan (22), Miroslav (20) and Nemanja (18). The sons work for a wage, usually on the nearby farms. The winter represents the worst period for them. The oldest son has a wife and a child, but due to poor life conditions, they live in Belgrade, at his wife's parents.

The house in which the family lives is located outside the village. They need a bathroom, which was settled in an object near the house, which is collapsing. There are water pipes at the location of the future bathroom, but some construction works outside the house need to be conducted.

During the conversation with the members of the family, we came to a conclusion that the family would like to grow strawberries on the piece of land they own. They could sell the fruit in the village, which is being exported to Russia. The investment doesn't cost that much, because they already have a well and a water pump, and they need foil and drip irrigation system.

The neighbor who is employing Stevan is willing to help them with the strawberries, plant protection products and mechanization. The land for the strawberries was a neglected land, because they only grew a garden near the house.

Pejics told us they spend all the money they earn during the season on winter, so they weren't able to provide seed. The Ravnica Srpska Association wishes to get involved into the project, and provide everything necesarry for the begining of growing strawberries since March 2014.

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