December 20, 2015

Visiting family Jovanovic near Arandjelovac
Representatives of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS visited at mid-December the family of a single father Miroslav who in the Ranilovic village in Arandjelovac municipality raises five children – Irena (20), Ivana (17), Nebojsa (16), Ivona (12) and youngest Dusica (8). Unfortunately, their mother left them seven years ago, married again and never called them. A new tragedy hit the family during the May floods in 2014 when the nearby creek overflowed and soaked more than one meter of the house, barn and surrounding land of which they lived.
Sad and difficult childhood of Ivona and Dusica without their mother (photo: Prva TV)
Irena and Ivana Jovanovic are helping their father Miroslav in his duties (photo: Prva TV)

The only income the family has is a child benefit for two children in the total income of 6.000 RSD. The family is surviving from agriculture and animal husbandry in their barn. In 2014, apart from the family house, the greenhouses, seedlings, animals and a tractor were destroyed – everything that was supporting this family and children.
Consequences of the last year’s floods
Appearance of the house in which the family lived prior to May 2014

Thanks to the Red Cross the family was moved right after the flood in the apartment aimed for the teachers in the village, in which the family lives to this day. Thanks to good people they received 10 m of firewood which enabled them to spend the cold days in warmth.

At the beginning of November 2015 family Jovanovic is commencing the building of a new family house thanks to several companies from Arandjelovac and Mladenovac which provided the means for the building. So far they poured out the foundation of the house and they are preparing to lay the concrete slab.

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS is planning to help family Jovanovic within the Christmas action by providing seedlings and irrigation system which will enable the family to work on their own and provide additional income for their household. We call upon donors and friends of the organization to SUPPORT the realization and this project of helping the socially disadvantaged family.

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