August 04, 2016

Visit to family Milovanovic from Loznica

In late July, we visited the 11 member family Milovanovic from the village of Trbusnica near Loznica. Parents Dejan and Sladjana have eight children, Miroslav (20), Gabrijela (17), Bojan (15), Bojana (15), Ivana (12), Andjela (9), Zdravko (6) and Borko (1). Mother Sladjana also has a son Milos (23) from her first marriage. What the family needs the most are arrangement of the bathroom, as well as replacement of roof constructions on the house because of moisture and possible collapse. The largest part of the funds to help family Milovanovic is provided on the charity derby in Loznica, as well as on the tournament Trojka iz bloka, which was held in Trsic.

ПFamily Milovanovic receives both social benefit and child allowance. They don’t have debts or a loan, but they are still paying off the house they bought. The children are well-behaved, they have enough clothes and footwear, but it is necessary to renovate the bathroom, because at the moment it seems as if they don’t have one at all. Father Dejan is working as a construction worker when he manages to find a job, and he is often in Russia in exceptionally difficult conditions and separated from his family.

The family has electricity and water, and there are pipes they purchased recently in order to carry the water into the bathroom, where currently there is almost nothing (they need water heater, sink, bathtub, tiles...). Family is heated with firewood.

A lot of moisture can be noted due to poor roof, so there is a need for total repair of the roof and the total demolition of the floor to the first panel which the host will do. They told us that parts of the roof were falling so far, but thank God, no one was injured. Carpentry, especially on the windows, is in poor condition. The family has a little bit of fruit trees in the yard and a small lot in its possession. Family Milovanovic has 3 goats, and they plan to build a pigsty out of material that can be used after the pulling down of the roof and dilapidated floor.

We call upon all the people of good will to get involved and contribute to the projects of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs that aim to help the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout the Balkan.

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