January 16, 2013

Visit to family Mijatovic near Sabac

Representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade visited at the end of December 2012 a twelve-member family Mijatovic from the village Macvanski Metkovici near Sabac together with Mr. Mile Nikolic, president of the organization Save Displaced Serbs from California. We decided to visit the family after an invitation to our friends from the organization Charity Heart of Sabac, which have donated several meters of firewood, flour, oil and the necesarry household appliances.
A twelve-member family Mijatovic consists of the parents Ilija and Ibojka, and children Roksanda (18), Dusan (17), Uros (16), Sava (14), Suzana (12), Pavle (11), Andjelka (10), Vujadin (6), Jovana (5) and the youngest Ivana (2). The family receives a child benefit for four children and a social benefit in the total amount of 23,000 dinars. They own about 2 hectars of farm, a cow, heifer, two sows and chickens.
Unfortunately, the family has spent the last several years mostly in the dark, without electricity, and the possibility to live in normal conditions. The initial electricity debt, 10 years old, has grown to over 500,000 dinars. With the help of the donors from Šabac, part of the debt was paid (50,000 dinars), and electricity was turned on, but it will probably be turned off again soon. 
During the visit, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs suggested that the family gets mechanization for planting the land, in order to earn an income and start paying the debt. The organization will provide, together with the friends from California, money for buying the used tractor, and some additional appliances. We will also try to get adequate system for irrigation in the spring, and building a small greenhouse. We could thus provide the conditions in which the family can work hard and provide safe material future for their children.
Our friends from California have already made a donation of 172,000 dinars (1,500 EUR) for the tractor, and the father of the family, Ilija, has found a well-preserved tractor in the value of 4,000 EUR which will be bought by the end of January.
We use this opportunity to call upon the Ministry of work, employment and social policy of the Republic of Serbia to urgently intervene, and provide electricity for family Mijatovic until the spring so that the children could have decent conditions in 21st century.
If Nikola Tesla could read this story, we believe that he would be ashamed and sad.

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