April 02, 2013

Visit and help for four families

On Friday, March 22, members and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade visited and helped four families: Marjanović from Gornji Milanovac (seven children), Ristanović from Prijevor near Čačak (three children), Žunić from Čačak (ten children) and Lazarević near Lazarevac (four children). During the visit we delivered groceries, clothing and footwear.

During the visit to the ten-member family Marjanović from Gornji Milanovac, we encountered the father of the family, Saša Marjanović with his daughter Kristina (10 years). Due to cerebral palsy, Kristina can’t go to regular school, so her parents are trying to organize her education and free time. Apart from her difficult life, Kristina was kind enough to recite her newest poem. We found out that her staying in Banja Koviljača is very important for her treatment. Saša told us that he is in the business of beekeeping, and he needs additional hive. We talked about bringing a cow or a pair of sheep. His mechanization is old, and he needs a new tiller.

At the end of the visit, the members of the organization donated footwear for the youngest members of the family in the amount of 17.930 dinars, and we will also try to get them a cow.

Family Žunić from the village Viljuša near Čačak has a more severe situation. After the first visit, we provided motocultivator (209.000 dinars) and a water pump (54.095 din.). We also provided a new water heater (5.000 din.), which needs to be installed. The next should be a washing machine, because mother Slavica is washing the laundry for an eleven-member family on her own. The children are, despite the circumstances, happy and optimistic. A 13-year old Rade showed his newest paintings. Slavica, who is a mother of eleven children, received an award Dove of Love, as a recognition for humanity, love and the promotion of marriage. At the end of the visit, we delivered groceries to the family.

After visiting family Žunić, the representatives of the organization went to the village Prijevor, also near Čačak, where they delivered help in the amount of 80.000 dinars to family Ristanović for a cow. The money was provided by a group of people from Chicago (originating from Dragačevac), to whom we thank in the name of the family.

The last family we visited was family Lazarević near Lazarevac. The family has an accommodation problem. The house was sealed by the municipality authorities, because of the fear it might collapse. Father of the family, Saša Lazarević, explained that the problem emerged after a neighbor finished his house, reclining on Saša’s.

They are considering an option of selling the existing house and buying a new one. A six-member family Lazarević is currently living in a rented apartment. Saša recently lost his job, and he is working for a wage. His wife is also unemployed. At the end of the visit, we delivered groceries in the amount of 9.108 dinars.

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