December 05, 2013

View on Visegrad from the new home
Visegrad is one of the towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina who received the most of refugees during the civil war. Many of them stayed, because they had nowhere to go. Family Pecirep also came to Visegrad during the war, consisting then of Zorica, her sisters and their father. Zorica and her four children finally moved into a devastated house.
Old home of family Pecirep

Marija Gavrilovic from Munich found them in that house, and thus commenced the action of help for them. Apart from the donors, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs also joined the action, as well as the Serbian network from Canada. Thanks to that, a single mother and her children got a house in which they moved recently.

All five of them were in the house when we visited them. Thanks to the mayor, many works around the house were finished, but there is a lot to be done yet. They can live only on the first floor in two rooms, which represents a luxury for them, considering the previous settlement. They need furniture, but they are happy that no one can expel them out of the house.

Their income consists of the KM 180 of child benefit. None of them is employed, nor can that change in the foreseeable future. They have a small garden around the house, so agriculture is not an option. There is not enough food, nor firewood.

However, Zorica and her older daughter Violeta are trying to settle the things they brought with them. They are very thankful. Good people need to help them in the future. They have a beautiful view on Visegrad from their window, but it cannot replace food, nor firewood.

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