July 19, 2012

Vidovdan SfS visit to Kosmet

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs organized 14th in a raw action of help to the Serbian families on Kosovo and Metohija within the celebration of the great holiday Vidovdan. In cooperation and with selfless help of our friends from the Eparchy Charity organization Mother of nine Jugović from Gračanica, we visited and talked to five Serbian families in municipality Novo Brdo, who showed the will to grow cattle (sheep).
The first family we visited was the family Perić from the village Izvor in municipality Novo Brdo. Dragan (36) and his wife Trajanka (32) have four children: Dejan (14), Danijel (12), Kristina (6) and the youngest Irena, who is four months old. Dragan's parents Nikola and Stana live in the same household. Dragan refused to receive food from the charity kitchens, because he wants to provide the necessary for his family on his own. He emphasized that there are people and children who need food from the charity kitchens more. Unfortunately, Dragan and his family survived the torture of the Albanian gangs, who were shooting on them. Dragan was heavily wounded, but he decided to stay on his land.
Dragan and Trajanka told us that the Albanians are occasionally deterring them, attacking the the cattle barns and taking firewood from the Serbian forests. Many families cannot endure the pressure, so the collective migrations are frequent from settlements all over Kosovo and Metohija. During our visit, a neighboring family was packing and moving to a town in central Serbia.
In order to provide existence to the Serbian families who are struggling to stay on their homeland, the representatives of our organization agreed with Perić to help them get 5 sheep to spread their flock. 
The next families we visited were the families Simjonović from the village Mašince in Novo Brdo. The families consist of the brothers Slađan and Dragan who live in separate households with their wives Sanja (27) and Jelena (21), respectively, and the children Stefan (9), Sonja (7), Anđela (4) and Andrijana (2). The brothers Simjonović are trying to provide the existence for their children, without someone else's support. They are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. They have several hectares of land, but it is of low quality. We agreed to provide each brother with five sheep.
The fourth family we visited was the Kostić family, also from the village Mašinci. A returnee family Kostić consists of Vladimir, his sons Nebojša, Goran and Žika, and wife Jasmina (25) and her children Miloš (3) and Petar (1). The family lives of agriculture, with all the problems related to the quality of land. Four years ago, the Albanian gangs stole 3 cows from the barn, and thus prevents them from using the dairy products. We agreed to get them five sheep, which could engage all the members of the family.
The last family we visited in the action was the family Simić. Dragan and Nenka are the proud parents of three children: Milica (19), Milan (18) and Dejan (16), but the parents who are tired worrying for their children who have often been sick. We proposed to Dragan to get them five sheep, but he asked us to get them a cow instead, because they need milk for the children.
We finished the action by visiting charity kitchens in Prekovac and Vitina, and by visiting the farm of goats whose milk is being transported to the charity kitchens on Kosovo and Metohija.
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs will provide the necessary means in July (estimated approximately 3,500 EUR for 20 sheep and a cow), which will give a start-up for the families in Novo Brdo to become financialy independent.
We use this opportunity to call upon the representatives of the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija, as well as other state officials not to turn their head away from the problems which the Serbs on Kosovo and Metohija are facing, but to start resolving their problems.
We express special gratitude to our friends from the Eparchy charity organization Mother of nine Jugović, in the hope that we will soon meet them again, and help our people on Kosovo and Metohija in the manner they are applying each day.

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