July 01, 2015

Vidovdan celebration in Chicago

Report: Serbian National Defense Council of America
On Vidovdan in Chicago a magnificent and traditional Vidovdan celebration was held, organized by the Serbian National Defense Council of America who celebrates this day as the slava of the organization. In the full hall of the Nova Gracanica monastery, after the greeting of the host, the Bishop of the Diocese of New Gracanica – Midwestern America Longin, the keynote speaker and special guest from London, England was dr Srboljub Zivanovic, an anthropologist and president of the International Commission for the Truth on Jasenovac, who was talking of all the aspects regarding this terrible concentration camp in which Serbs, Jews and Roma were killed, while the historian dr Srdja Trifkovic complemented the theme from the historical point of view.

On the previous day, on Saturday, the regular 74th annual congress of the Serbian National Defense Council was held. It would be remembered by the decision of the delegates to award the current president Slavko Panovic the title of honourable president and the Order of SND of first order for his homelike management of this organization for the last 22 years. The leader of the young generation, Mr Nebojsa Zivkovic who was the vice-president of SND, was elected as new president.

Slavko Pantovic and Nebojsa Zivkovic

The delegates of the congress of Serbian National Defense, aware of the still difficult position of Serbs in Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia, adopted the Resolution in which, among other things, they greeted the Government of the Republic of Serbia with the message not to forget nor neglect the Serbian national interests, glorious Serbian history and Serbian orthodoxy in everything it does for Serbia.

They greeted His Holiness the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Irinej and sent him the message to do everything in his power to sustain the unity of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and in their greeting to Serbs in Montenegro, Macedonia, and Croatia, they paid special attention to those in the Province Kosovo and Metohija, saying that the Serbian Diaspora hadn’t forgotten them.

Bishop of the Diocese of New Gracanica – Midwestern America Longin

They also greeted the Central Board of SND in Chicago, headed by the long-standing president Slavko Panovic, under whose leadership this old Serbian patriot organization never departed from the Serbian way and nurturing of Serbian values, and also the revision of the big historical injustice towards General Draza Mihailovic, but they still insisted that not enough had been done until the grave of the first guerrilla fighter who dared not to recognize the capitulation in World War II was found. The Serbian National Defense of America on Vidovdan this year celebrated the 101st year of its existence. Its first president was a worldwide scientist and inventor Prof. Dr. Mihajlo Pupin, while the organization was restored by the famous Serbian poet and diplomat Jovan Ducic.

Information Service of the Serbian National Defense of America
June 29, 2015

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