October 14, 2016

Valuable help was delivered to Zenar family

At the end of September, Members of Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs have visited Zenar family, from Banatsko Novo Selo, that consists of six members – parents Jovan and Dragana, and their four daughters Andjelina (8), Ana Marija (6), Alisa (4), and Andjela (2). After that, in the beginning of October, this family has received valuable charity help, that consisted of new washing machine, combined refrigerator and freezer, electric stove and bunk beds with mattresses, in total value of 104.488 RSD. With this donation, we provided better life conditions for the whole family, but especially for the children.

 Appearance of the children’s room in the September, during the first visit of the members of our organization

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/ZenarBanatskoNovoSelo/z2.jpg Bunk beds were built in children’s room, while their father Jovan was painting it

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/ZenarBanatskoNovoSelo/z5.jpg Playing feels better in new beds

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/ZenarBanatskoNovoSelo/z8.jpg Uros Certic, a friend of our organization, helps girls build Lego tower

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/ZenarBanatskoNovoSelo/z6.jpg New washing machine is already working, helping Dragana in her motherly duties

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/ZenarBanatskoNovoSelo/z4.jpg New electric stove in Zenar family kitchen

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/ZenarBanatskoNovoSelo/z7.jpg New combined refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen area of family’s home


Zenar family is a typical family from Banat, which, in spite of their poor life, tries to overcome daily issues. In the same time, their main goal is to maintain peaceful and harmonious family life. Unemployment of both parents has affected this family, as well as many others.  Until few years ago, Jovan was employed at a company whose field of work was scaffolding on a construction site, but frequent economical problems have led to him losing his job. At the same time, Dragana was looking after the children.


Besides social help, and children’s allowance, this family doesn’t have any other regular source of income. Jovan is trying to find as many part-time jobs as he can, so that he can provide some additional income for the family, but his poor health (quite serious spine condition) often stops him at his intentions. Nevertheless, Jovan and Dragana try to pay their bills as regularly as possible, and not to make any serious debts.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/ZenarBanatskoNovoSelo/z1.jpg Picture of Zenar family members, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, and the organizers of  the tournament ''Trojka iz bloka'' which was held in Crepaja, on the 27th of August.

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