November 20, 2016

Valuable help to Serbs in Dalmacia

During the month of october, a new action to help Serbs in Dalmacia has been realized, during it a help has been dispatched to five families from Zegar and around. Resources that were originaly meant for buying a specialy machine for making souveniers and rock tiles for family Strbac from Kistanje, were redirected to assist another five families, due to impossibility to buy the machine abroad. Total value of the supplied help is 2700€. We helped the next five families:

Vladimir and Suzana Radmilovic, children Ognjen(11) and Andjela (5) from Zegar. A couch that's worth 200€ has been bought - Father Vladimir was struck by tuberculosis and is still making recovery from the harsh illness.

Zoran and Svetlana Kljajic-Peric, child Aleksandar(2) from Zegar. They got a spinner for electricity cable, hilt and drill, grinder, suitcase with tools that's worth 500€ - Father works in construction and tools will get handy in that line of work. We helped this family last year by buying them a chainsaw. Family Kljajic-Peric with donated tools at their home.

Milorad and Mira Milic, child Nemanja (2) and expecting their second child in the next couple of months, from Zegar. Bought cordless drill, turnscrew, Kerher cleaner for facades worth 500€ - Father is in construction works, and he will use the tools in all future buisness. We've helped family Milic in the past, by buying them a combined stove gas/electricity.

Sinisa and Nada Milic, children Jovana(9), Marta(5) and Petar(2) from Zegar. Given grinder, drill, vice tensioner, a box of tools, rechargable screwdriver, small chainsaw, pincers for rebar all worth 500€ - also for the help of construction works. Milices with a donation of very needed tools for work.

Miodrag and Milica Guzvica, children Marija(14) and Marko(11), Krupa. Given floor materials, ceramics for kitchen and moldings worth 1000€, for the childrens rooms.

In the next month, we're having a big campaign to assist our families across Krajina. Assessed worth of the campaign is around 10.000€. In order to realize the planned campaign, and to make sure assistance arrives prior to winter, to those in need, we're calling you to join us, and help with this big campaign.

We thank the clergy of Dalmacian eparchy, for assistance during this campaign.

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