March 08, 2013

Two families with 19 children

A four-member team of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade (Serbia) visited on the last days of February two families: Gojković from the village Dudovice near Lazarevac, with 13 members, and Kuzmanović from the village Mirosaljci near Arilje with ten members in their household.

Family Gojković consists of: father Zoran, mother Mladenka and the children: Maja (26, married), Stefan (19), Jovan (17), Nikola (15), Jovana (11), Mihajlo (9), Milica (8), Milan (6), Dimitrije (4), Aleksandar (3) and Dušan (2).

Father Zoran is working, while mother Mladenka takes care of the children and family. They have a goat and a pig, and Mladenka takes care of them as well. They also have a greenhouse, build 3 years ago to fulfill their needs for vegetables during the year. The family has no family income, so their only income is Zoran’s salary. They used to live for 17 years in a rented place, and 4 years ago they bought a house in the village Dudovica (near Lazarevac).

During this and the next year, they plan to expand their home, and they have already received construction blocks, but they need the rest of the material:
• Gravel (20 m3)
• Cement (100 sacks)
• Calx (30 sacks)
• Other necessities for the house.

The family have everything they need in the house, but a cow or a goat would be more than welcome.

The family left quite an impression on us, especially mother Mladenka, who is doing a great job taking care of the family, who are disciplined like a military unit. She was very thankful for our visit.

The other family we visited was the family Kuzmanović from Mirosaljci near Arilje. Father Milija and mother Slavica Kuzmanović have eight children: Milica (14), Milan (12), Đorđe (11), Dejan (8), Dragica (5), Đurđina (4), Jelena (3) and Nikola, who is two months old.

The father lost his job, and now they are only doing an agriculture. They have a child benefit in the amount of 9.800 dinars. They also have a cow, several pigs and hens. They are not able to grow more animals, because they wouldn’t have enough food for them, while insufficient amount of water prevents them from building a greenhouse.

The family grows raspberries, but due to the bad weather conditions in the past two years, their income was very poor. If the yield turns out good this year, they plan to expand the house, for which they already managed to provide some money. It is the only help they currently need, because the children are not hungry nor without clothing, which we could see for ourselves.

The youngest members of the family are of excellent health, and well-behaved. Their only desire is the computer, which they could all use.

The parents also told us that many people visited them so far, and that all of them promised help, but that they have no expectations. Our organization will try that the visit to this family doesn’t end on empty promises.

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