December 10, 2013

“Trojka iz bloka” website launched

The project “Trojka iz bloka” is a charity project for building and equipping the bathroom for the needs of the socially endangered families in the Balkan. The project is being conducted throughout the sport manifestation of shooting three-pointers, which aims at gathering of young people, celebrities from sport, culture and music and a great number of sponsors who will support the project financially.

The project was initiated due to the difficult living conditions of great number of families with many children, mostly in rural areas, who don’t have elementary hygiene conditions. During the last eight years, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs learned those facts. Apart from the great endeavour of the organization, the real needs have not yet been fulfilled, which calls upon the overall social mobilization.

We plan to organize this sport-charity project in all big towns accross Serbia and Balkan, so that people could be included, in their local communities, in the fulfillment of aims of “Trojka iz bloka” through the socially responsible work.

The longterm goal of “Trojka iz bloka” is to renew and build at least 5,000 bathrooms until 2025.

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