July 29, 2016

Trojka iz Bloka tournaments held in Banat

Trojka iz Bloka weekend was held in the Banat from July 8 to July 10. It started in Pancevo, and continued in BanatskoNovoSelo and BanatskiKarlovac. The tournament was held in Pancevo and Karlovac last year as well, but this was the first time in Banatsko Novo Selo. All the tournaments made a big impression in the sunny Banat and continued spreading the magic of the Trojka iz Bloka in one of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of Serbia! On July 9, at 6PM, the anthem of the Republic of Serbia was heard at the court of “Zarko Zrenjanin” Primary School in Banatsko Novo Selo. There were 47 shooters, who raised 10,730 Dinars from participation fees, and with the help of 10 proud sponsors and donors, the sum of 72,730 RSD was raised!

At the beginning, Milos Simovic, on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs said a few welcoming words as well as Despot Novakovic, one of the organizers of the first tournament in Banatsko Novo Selo. Then Bore and Stefan from THC La Familija took over the microphone and made the event memorable! Uncle Djordje rapped during break time, and Kick Boxing Club “Sveti Car Lazar” left everyone breathless, showing attractive moves of this noble martial art.

Momir Milakovic, with 16 shots, became the champion of Banatsko Novo Selo, Sasa Radovic, with 15 shots, won silver, and Vuk Popovic won bronze with 14 scored 3-pointers.

Champions of humaneness from Banatsko Novo Selo are proud sponsors: Elektro Jandric, with donated 10,000 Dinars, Atlas, 8,000 Dinars, Pecenjara Susa, Limarska radionica Civava, Bonaparta Café and Birtija bar with 7,000 each, ACM Marcetic, 5,000 Dinars, Milenijum Café and Mr. Predrag Skaljak with 4,000 Dinars each and Pecanac d.o.o., with 3,000 Dinars.

Greetings from Banatsko Novo Selo! 

ВTrojka iz Bloka weekend in the Banat continued on Sunday, July 10, with the tournament held for the second time in Banatski Karlovac. Peaceful town, celebrating its slava, Saint Peter’s Day, once again made Trojka iz Bloka part of the slava celebration program! Festive atmosphere that we remember last year’s tournament by repeated this year as well, and delighted the locals and dear guests from nearby places!

The slava was celebrated in the spirit of love towards neighbors and also in the spirit of sport, humaneness, and fun! 70 participants raised 16,200 Dinars from participation fees, and support also came from Alibunar Municipality, which will make another mission of the Trojka iz Bloka in their area easier in every way possible!

The best Trojka shooters were: Davor Narancic, with 18 shots, Milan Bjelic, with 12 shots, and Neda Civric, a lady who fought like a tiger and won third place and bronze medal with 11 shots.

Banatski Karlovac once again recognized the big mission of the Trojka iz Bloka and supported the efforts of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, which has one motto only – CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! See you in the Banat again next year!

Greetings from the best Trojka shooters from Banatski Karlovac!

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