April 24, 2016

“Trojka iz Bloka” in Zemun

The 2nd Trojka iz Bloka of the new jubilary season took place in Zemun, on April 17, at the courts of KK Mladost. Right from the banks of the river Sava, from Obrenovac, a big caravan of good deeds and intentions arrived on the gentle banks of the river Danube, in one of the most famous Serbian parts – Zemun. This is a place which has been known for the magic of the Zemun basketball for years, and the sports-charity project of the organization Serbs for Serbs, Trojka iz Bloka, arrived there to the invitation of true and well-intentioned Zemun residents. After the successful last year’s 1st Trojka in Zemun, this year we had even bigger success – 111 participants, 10 proud sponsors and technical support of the Zemun Municipality and KK Mladost led to the raised 116,200 RSD intended for helping a socially disadvantaged family from Zemun! We would like to congratulate the Zemun residents who showed what brotherly love and the power of good deeds can do – the courts of KK Mladost echoed with laughter and music and that is the biggest support and a message for the fellow townspeople in need – they are not alone!

All for one – Zemun for all!

At 6pm sharp, the anthem of the Republic of Serbia, Boze Pravde, was intoned, and the people were proudly standing, honoring the most beautiful song of our people. The gathered were addressed by Milos Simovic, on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, and Mr. Nenad Vranjevac, member of the interim authority of the Zemun Municipality. They could not hide the satisfaction of being there that day – Simovic shortly presented the successes of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and its biggest project Trojka iz Bloka, while Vranjevac thanked the Zemun residents and pointed out the traditional kindness and commitment to the fellow townspeople.

Milos Simovic and Nenad Vranjevac greet Zemun residents

Big interest of the media in the Zemun spectacle

The 3-pointer shooting contest in Zemun was supported by the rappers who have stood by the biggest sports-charity project in this area for two years now. CYA, Djans, and of course the hosts in all tournaments, THC La Familija, together with Paja Koba33, contributed to the great atmosphere of the tournament. They supported their neighbors, and rapped some of their hits. To the rhythm of their songs, 3-pointers were shot, while the lights at the courts of KK Mladost were on and the cadets of the Orthodox sports society Sveta Srbija were playing a friendly match with the cadets of KK Mladost. Incredible day for basketball, incredible day for all kind-hearted people! Beautiful girls from the Evolution dance club also contributed to the atmosphere, leaving everyone breathless! Video showing part of their show can be seen on our official facebook page!

Serbian rap legends from the city of Zemun – CYA

Young Zemun – old values – Djans group – Gazda Paja, Buraz, Vojke

Stefan THCF and young hope of the Serbian rap Ivana Zecevic

We would like to thank all the participants of the tournament in Zemun, especially proud sponsors, and technical sponsors Zemun Municipality and Basketball Club Mladost. Sponsors in Zemun were: KUD Drustvo amatera Branko Radicevic, Romb Studio, Semlin Café, Modelia, Liberty, Nikola promet, Ketering plus, Konekted sped, Pinokio Pancake house, Hollywood Stars Café, as well as individuals who supported the tournament as sponsors – Milan Milisavljevic and Bogoljub II. The gathered Zemun residents enjoyed a great evening and tried delicious Agi Pastas, whose profit was also added to the total amount raised at the tournament. We would like to praise everybody, especially the cadets of the KK Mladost and Sveta Srbija who did their best in court, by chasing the ball, playing basketball, shooting 3-pointers and cheering their friends. The atmosphere became even more heated when the winners were announced. We would also like to thank the neighbors who cheered with us from their balconies and windows.

Vladan Tegeltija, receiver of the Appreciation of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and secretary general of the KK Mladost, Mr. Nenad Pujaz

Friendly match КК Мladost – Sveta Srbija – score: shared victory!

The best shooters at the second tournament in Zemun and the second tournament of the fifth season were Dejan Vatecki with 16 shots and a bronze medal, Aleksandar Zecevic with 17 shots and a silver medal, and Renato Cvetkovic with 19 shots, a gold medal and a trophy Trojka iz Bloka Zemun 2016! Their perfect 3-pointers are just a great ending of the perfect tournament in Zemun! The magic of Trojka iz Bloka cannot be described with words; it must be felt at the court, in the conversations of participants and spectators and seen in reactions of visitors. The spirit of good deeds, sport and brotherly love bring the smiles back to people’s faces! We are going to continue in the same way, moving on to actions – we are going to help a family with children from Zemun, and we are going to inform you about all the details on the Trojka iz Bloka site!

Tournament finalists with the host, Stefan

Zemun champions – silver, gold and bronze – Congratulations!

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