November 10, 2016

Trojka iz Bloka in Visnjicka Banja

The most successful season of a sports-charity tournament Trojka iz bloka had a magnificent ending-Visnjicka Banja was a host for the first time to a 38th tournament on the last day of Indian summer, October 9, 2016. In the schoolyard of "Milena Pavlovic-Barili" school, both younger and older people gathered and a few hundreds of dear kind-hearted guests and 80 shooters and five proud sponsors and donators together collected 100.000 RSD for a five-children family Zivkovic. By signing up for the tournament and with a help of friends, the shooters collected 47.800 dinars and proud sponsors and donators helped their neighbors from Padinska skela and their better future with 52.200 dinars. Visnjicka Banja turned their words into reality: Milica, Aleksandar, Maki, Vlada and Stefan united their fellow citizens to help the neighbors from the other part of their city.

Trojka iz bloka attracted these young people driven by an honest wish and strength to help and thanks to them closing the season in Serbia overcame all the expectations - a legend of Serbian and world basketball, a champion who won everything from Belgrade to NBA, Mr. Igor Rakocevic, became a new member of Trojka iz bloka family in grand style. In Visnjicka Banja, we had a great honor to try a new game our champion made up and which brings new, indefinite possibilities for our tournament - beat a professional in three-point shots.

This is how it was in Visnjicka Banja - you sign up to shot and try to win against Igor- if you succeed he donates 1.000 dinars into a box for donations, if you lose, you donate 300 dinars. Igor showed how real champions bet, but only one of fifteen competitors managed to win. It was our great friend and pro with a ball Nemanja Blazic Triki. Rakocevic lost and asked for a revanche, this time with ten, not five balls but Triki won again. The game was finished in the way Igor wanted- the box for donations had more than 5.000 dinars because he donated money for four, instead for two lost games and in that way made five young members of Zivkovic family the real winners of this competition. A big mission of Trojka iz Bloka won the world in 2016 and the tournament in Visnjicka Banja showed it as well. National anthem of Serbia, Boze pravde, was sung one more time this season at the tournament Trojka iz bloka and after the official opening ceremony Milos Simovic introduced the team, work and successes so far of the bigest project of the Charity organization "Serbs for Serbs".

Igor Rakocevic's support, vice-president of Basketball Union in Serbia, anonymous donation of 40.000 EUR from a Serbian sportsman from America together with a lot of big, individual donations from our world famous sportspeople as well as those smallest and anonymous donations- they are all a huge victory for the Charity organization Srbi za Srbe and the fight we lead against poverty for the last 11 years! Two tournaments ago we achieved the goal for this year- we collected 5.000.000 RSD for those in need! Over 5.000.000 dinars during five years of this unique project in this part of the world.

We celebrated these successes with our friend Skabo, a legend of Serbian rap music who supports us from the first day, master of basketball Triki and with one of the world's most famous stunt masters Uros Uki Certic. We celebrated the end of the season in Visnjicka Banja with the best music which Dj Paja Kobazz mixed from traditional and rep music  with the help of DJ Dubi, our friend and neighbor from Palilula.

The tournament was also supported by donations and performances of MMA Academy Kaizen and Kick-Box club Banja. They left everybody breathless by their incredible moves and fighting skills which they showed on a huge mat in the middle of the basketball field. Thanks to a hospitality of "Milena Pavlovic Barili' school and their principal Olivera Korosec, plenty of children from the neighborhood met the guys they can learn a lot about sports, friendship and well-doing from. Our fighters were dedicated to their performance so they explained the moves using a microphone.

Our friends from Agy Pasta prepared their specialities for the tournament guests and they sold every portion for charity. SOS channel supported our projects as well as many other TV channels and they sent their team to make a special coverage of the end of this season.

Proud sponsors of the tournament in Visnjicka Banja were Pharmacy 101, Cafe Dilema, Cage X and D-Mont which donated 10.000 RSD each and Mile Dejanovic who proudly donated and helped this mission with 100 EUR (12.200 RSD).

Luka Pavlovic was a winner of the 38th tournament with 20 three-point shots in a tough competition which lasted long into the night. Strahinja Stamenkovic won the second place with two points less and Marko Drincic won the third place after two rounds and 15 points. We congratulate all of these three young men who will be proud to be considered the best ones until the next year, new season and one more tournament in Visnjicka Banja!

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