October 22, 2013

“Trojka iz bloka” in Subotica

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the Association Ravnica Srpska organized on Saturday, October 5th, the competition in three-point shooting, “Trojka iz bloka”, (PHOTO GALLERY) (MOVIE 1, MOVIE 2) for the first time in Subotica, in the elementary school Sonja Marinkovic. The sponsors and participants of the tournament donated the amount of 148.830 dinars. The winner of the tournament was Milan Nikolic, and runners up were Nemanja Kosanovic, Luka Vurdelja and other 78 participants took part in the tournament.


The aim of the tournament in Subotica was collecting money for building a bathroom to the refugee family Pejic from Gornji Tavankut. We use this opportunity to express gratitude to all participants and guests who contributed in providing the necessary means, as well as sponsors of the tournament from Subotica:

JKP Parking (10.000 dinars),
Music doo (7.000 dinars),
Razvoj Janjic doo (7.000 dinars),
Virtus doo (25.000 dinars),
Tim Vasilic (10.000 dinars),
Dinamo-control (10.000 dinars),
Tradicionalno znanje (7.000 dinars),
Inkomerc doo (7.000 dinars),
MD Inzinjering (7.000 dinars),
Intersped ad (20.000 dinars) and
director of the ZOO, Bogdan Laban.

Famous Belgrade rap musician Bosko Cirkovic Skabo from the rap group Belgrade syndicate and DJ Sale from the rep group THC La Familija helped and supported the tournament by heating the atmosphere before the official part of the tournament.

We owe special gratitude in organizing the tournament to the bakeries Artos, Andonovic, Ambrus and Lipa, and the fast food Delfin, which provided free food for all the guests of the tournament. Photocopy Konj printed our posters and flyers, the Gladijator agency provided security, and Petar Mitrovic helped with the sound equipment.






Prior to the tournament, representatives of Ravnica Srpska, president of SfS, member of the City Council, priest of the temple of the Holy Ascension and principal of the school addressed the guests. The competition was followed by the exhibition game between OKK Spartak and KK Prozivka, where the young basketball players showed their skills.


This marked the end of the charity tournaments “Trojka iz bloka” in 2013, and the beginning of the preparations for 2014, in which we plan to organize the competition in over ten cities across Serbia.  


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