October 21, 2015

“Trojka iz bloka” in SC Olimp

On Saturday, October 17 in the Sport Center Olimp in the Zvezdara city municipality in Belgrade the last “Trojka iz bloka” in the best season so far was held! The hall of one of the most famous sport centers in the country was too small to receive people of all ages who came to support and help their disadvantaged fellow citizens in the best possible manner! Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the School Basketball Club Zvezdara thank everyone who came to our tournament, especially our proud sponsors and contestants, all 112 of them!

Branko Lazic, Jovica Antonic, Dragana Kontic, Marko Keselj and Luka Mitrovic

For the first time the competition was organized in two categories: younger than 14 and older than 14 – the struggle for two trophies and six medals will be remembered after the lovely atmosphere and very serious approach of the SBC Zvezdara, and all remaining devotees of basketball who support and visit the tournament “Trojka iz bloka”. Through sport and fun we made another big step in the mission of the sport-charity project: we collected 61.130 dinars on Olimp! Another joint victory is behind us, the season which showed us how much we can and which set high standards we would try to reach and overtake the next year with all our forces! We learned so much this year, but the most important is – together we are stronger! The unity on Olimp was once again showed by our great friends, the legend of the world handball Nedjo Jovanovic and our famous writer Vanja Bulic, and the real surprise for the young hopes of the Serbian basketball were the first team players of BC Red Star Luka Mitrovic and Branko Lazic, basketball Marko Keselj, PR of BC Red Star Igor Vujicin and the assistant coach of the basketball representation of Serbia Jovica Antonic.

Red Star captain Luka Mitrovic

The tournament commenced sometime after 13h by playing the anthem of the Republic of Serbia God of Justice, and then Milos Simovic, PR of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs addressed the gathered and emphasized that this was the most successful season of “Trojka iz bloka” until now in 25 locations in 15 towns throughout Serbia and the diaspora, in which we gathered approximately 3,5 million dinars with the help of over 100 sponsors and over 2,500 shooters. Simovic thanked all famous sportsmen who came to Olimp by pointing out it was nice to see that they are, apart from being great and good sportsmen, are at the same time great and good people. Dragana Kontic, principal of SBC Zvezdara and president of the Assembly of the Basketball Association of Belgrade, also addressed the gathered and emphasized that the mission of sport is primarily to promote and develop humanity and the feeling for thy neighbor with the youngsters, and afterwards the competition spirit, and she called upon other basketball clubs and people from the world of basketball to support “Trojka iz bloka” which is promoting this beautiful sport in the best possible manner. Then our famous basketball players had the honor to officially open the competition part of the tournament by shooting three-pointers.

Great heart: Marko Keselj

While the competitors took turns in two baskets, the guests were entertained by our friends musicians, rappers and magicians with the ball. Legend of the Serbian rap scene Skabo, young rap hope Uncle Jo, official DJ of “Trojka iz bloka” Sale L who was playing the music together with the great name of the music scene of Belgrade DJ Paja Koba33, joined us. Beauties from the dancing studio Evolution were dancing for us, and the best European basketball freestyler Nemanja Blazic Triki left everyone without breath! Each tournament in the best season had something of the magic of “Trojka iz bloka”, and the last one had it all! Joy and excitement due to the competition felt by the cadets of SBC Zvezdara reached everyone, a true spirit of sport, humanity and fun was tangible in the hall!

Let’s dance… Dancing studio Evolution

Let’s sing… Sale L and Skabo

Let’s dance… Triki

Our proud sponsors on the last tournament were: Veluks – 7,000 dinars, Stimroler Ltd (Boutique of BC Partizan) – 7,000 dinars, and Studio LHS – 7,000 dinars. The gratitude for the really emotional and successful tournament goes also to: SBC Zvezdara, all coaches and the principal Dragana Kontic, SC Olimp, Zvezdara municipality, Sport Association of Zvezdara municipality, elementary school “Marija Bursac” for technical support, sponsors, donors, companies NIS, Merkur, Ceramics Jovanovic and media friends of the tournament Studio B, Pink Television, TV Nasa, Happy Television, Grand Television, RTS, radio Slovo ljubve, Bum bum radio… Great team of great people and companied which we are proud of and due to which we last throughout all these years! Our family is getting bigger and happier; there are no words that can describe the pleasure in the community of good people who work in achieving great goals!

In the competition of 44 younger competitors the most successful were the winner Marko Mladenovic, the runner-up Nemanja Glisic and the third placed Nikola Nastic, and in the competition of 68 older competitors the most successful were the winner Nikola Pejovic (21 three-pointers), the runner-up Aleksandar Zecevic (19 three-pointers) and the third placed Jovan Josipovic (17 three-pointers). We congratulate the best shooters, and the true winner is the spirit of community and benefaction that revived once again in its full strength on our tournament!


… and winners!

The last page of the fairytale “Trojka iz bloka” was written with golden letters on Olimp! The wonderful season is behind us, great plans are ahead of us! Again, we thank everyone who were with us from the first tournament on the Faculty of philosophy until the last one on Zvezdara: sponsors, donors and technical sponsors, competitors and volunteers, guests and friends, all members of our great family – thanks!

Become the part of “Trojka iz bloka”!

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