April 22, 2016

“Trojka iz Bloka” in Obrenovac

The 5th season of Trojka iz Bloka was officially opened in Obrenovac on Saturday, April 16, at the courts across the Cultural Center. At 2pm sharp, the popular Sprite courts were too small for all the people who came to see the spectacle held in their town for the first time. Great cooperation among the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, Obrenovac Municipality and numerous proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors led to 105 participants and 88,550 RSD raised! Obrenovac Municipality, apart from technical sponsorship, promised to make a payment to the account of the Trojka iz Bloka, so we expect the total sum to be even bigger! The atmosphere on the banks of the river Sava was great, and at exactly 2pm the anthem of the Republic of Serbia was intoned, and everybody rose to solemnly hear and sing it.

Milos Simovic and Ivan Jegorovic

Milos Simovic, Trojka iz Bloka manager, and spokesman for the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, addressed the people of good will who came to support the mission which has been going on for five years. He pointed out that Obrenovac will witness the opening of the greatest season so far, and that the number of people, their smiles and energy hold the strength for all 40 upcoming tournaments: “This year we’ll break all records when it comes to the number of tournaments, and hopefully when it comes to raised funds, so we would be able to help as many socially disadvantaged families as possible”, Simovic said to Obrenovac residents.

After that, Ivan Jegorovic, vice president of the Obrenovac Municipality, addressed his fellow townspeople. He did not hide satisfaction and gratitude, firstly to all the kind-hearted people who came and took part in the competition, and also to the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs for their selfless help to Obrenovac since the tragic floods of 2014. Shooting the first 3-pointer towards the basket, Jegorovic officially opened the tournament, and afterwards all participants, young and old, boys and girls, shot 3-pointers for a better tomorrow.

Jegorovic shooting the first 3-pointer

Funds raised at the tournament are not only measured in the amount of money, but also in the strength of unity and brotherly love, showed today by Obrenovac residents. By gathering and shooting 3-pointers, they showed to their disadvantaged fellow townspeople that they won’t leave them, and that they will help them, just like the whole Serbia helped Obrenovac through hard times.

Among those present were the media, Mag Television, Obrenovac local newspapers, photo-reporters, sports lovers, humanitarians, businessmen, children and all the neighborhood –it was a day which celebrated life and brought hope for a better tomorrow.

Great music was performed in Obrenovac, just like at all Trojka iz Bloka tournaments. Uncle Dzo, the host of the tournament, and the local rappers Tajmpis and JSP duo, together with the legendary DJ Paja Koba33, did their best to contribute to the incredible atmosphere at the first tournament of the fifth season.

Uncle Dzo – rapping about Serbian heroes

Obrenovac support - Timepeace

Paja Koba33– DJ

The tournament made everybody a winner, because they help and do a good deed, but Luka Milosavljevic scored the most 3-pointers, even 18, which won him the first place, a gold medal and a trophy. The second place went to Jovan Sehovic, with 16 shots, and he won a silver medal. After a tie score and additional shots, the third place went to Branimir Milenkovic (15 shots).

Silver, gold and bronze in Obrenovac – Congratulations!

A big thank you to Obrenovac and wonderful Obrenovac residents! Maratonci pizza place, Kod Zike Bakery, C – market, Pire Bakery, Misa Jell D.O.O, Sasa Bakery, and Bane Driving school were the proud sponsors, together with the technical sponsor Obrenovac Municipality, who all enabled the great tournament, which the jubilary fifth season deserves. NIS Company and Agi Pasta fast food restaurants continued the great tradition and stood by us from the very start! We would like to thank sponsors, donors, and technical sponsors, and especially volunteers and participants, who all made the Obrenovac Tournament a memorable one. Be a part of Trojka iz Bloka!   

Be part of Trojka iz Bloka!

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