October 01, 2014

„Trojka iz bloka“ in Boljevac

On Saturday, August 2, on the basketball field in the kindergarten in Boljevac within the local basketball tournament, citizens of Boljevac had the opportunity to participate for the first time in the charity project „Trojka iz bloka“, organized in cooperation of the Sport alliance of Boljevac municipality and Charity organization Serbs for Serbs. The action of pointing three-pointers showed that there are humane people in Boljevac who supported the building of the bathroom for the socially endangered family Milosavljevic in Boljevac. A total of 31.020 dinars was collected, including the money from the sponsors.

Sport alliance of Boljevac municipality turned out to be a good host to the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, who visited the church of St. Elias in Boljevac and attended the liturgy in the honor of the day of Boljevac municipality. After visiting family Milosavljevic from Lukovo, members of the organization attended the cutting of the slava cake in Boljevac municipality.

After the second semi-final game of the basketball tournament, the pointing of three-pointers took place, with about 50 participants wishing to win but also to help some of the endangered families. The winner of the „Trojka iz bloka“ was Milos Gocic with 18 three-pointers, the runner-up was Stevan Zikic with 13 three-pointers, while Marijan Milosevic with 12 three-pointers won the third place. During the pause prior to the final competition of the 11th tournament in a row, our friend and hip-hop performer Milos Scopic-Beleti performed.

Milos Gocic - winner of tournament

Stevan Zigic - second place

Marjan Milosevic - third place

The representatives of the Sport alliance carried good impressions, and they hoped that the project would become traditional and much bigger.  

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