May 29, 2016

“Trojka iz Bloka” held in Raska

On Thursday, May 19, at 6 PM, the first Trojka iz Bloka tournament was held in Raska, with 55 participants, and together with sponsors, 56,530 Dinars were raised! Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and Raska Municipality, with the blessing of the Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, organized the sports-charity project with the mission of bathroom construction for the Tokalic family. At 6 PM the anthem of the Republic of Serbia was intoned, and all the people present at the Bane sports hall stood up and greeted the flag of the country whose foundations are in this ancient town. In the sports spirit, at the sports field, people of good will gathered in their town for the first time to show that they care for their socially disadvantaged neighbors! The youngest and the oldest stood up and greeted the flag of the Republic of Serbia, but they also stood up in the name of brotherly love to proudly show that they are going to help their neighbors.

The beautiful gathering was blessed by Father Gerasim, the prior of the Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, with his prayer, addressing the hall full of people with the most joyous Christian greeting – Christ is Risen! He pointed out that the biggest winners of the tournament in Raska are the Tokalic little ones, and that Christ is a winner in all places where people gather for brotherly love and helping their neighbors. After the word of Father Gerasim, Zoran Nikolic, president of Sports Association of Raska Municipality, thanked the prior of the Djurdjevi Stupovi for the lovely greeting, and also thanked the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs for the initiative and the realization of its biggest project.

Milos Simovic and Zoran Nikolic

“Great idea was recognized by Raska Municipality and the result was a large number of visitors and a big aid project intended for the Tokalic family”, Nikolic pointed out. Spokesman for the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the Trojka iz Bloka manager, Milos Simovic, welcomed the first tournament in Raska and wished the mission of the Trojka iz Bloka to last for many years to come, so that many families could get a better future with the help of their good neighbors! He pointed out the previous successful actions of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, and after that invited Father Gerasim to officially open the tournament with a solemn 3-point shot.

Father Gerasim opening the tournament

The court was then taken over by the best 3-point shooters from Raska, and the microphone was taken over by the best rappers of the young generation in Serbia and the region – THC La Familija. The sporting event at the Bane sports hall was a real spectacle! Raska showed that apart from great and rich history, it also has big-hearted people who are ready to unite and fight for a better future of their socially disadvantaged neighbors! Humanity and sport and fun during break time reached a peak when guys from THC La Familija and Uncle Jo rapped their songs.

Bore, Sale L and Stefan – THCF in action

The proud sponsor of the first tournament in Raska was Agricultural pharmacy Seme with a donation of 7,500 Dinars, and the proud donors were: president of Raska Municipality, Mr. Ignjat Rakitic, with 6,300 Dinars, Blue Sky with 5,000 Dinars, Rock café Raska with 5,000 Dinars, Eco club Zeleni putokazi with 5,000 Dinars, Mountaineering moto club Jazavac with 4,900 Dinara and O.K. Bane with 1,500 Dinars. Technical sponsorship and help with the tournament organization came from Raska Municipality and Sports Association of Raska, and technical support at a highest level, as well as the hospitality at the sports hall were provided by the Bane Basketball club. Cadets of this basketball club volunteered devotedly at the tournament itself, and prior to the tournament, they had made themselves original Trojka iz Bloka Raska T-shirts, which they will keep as a dear memory of the first tournament.

Competition for the best shooters in the final was tense up until the very end, when a third place winner did a great thing and gave his place to a much younger competitor, whom he had defeated by one shot in a photo finish! All the people present were overwhelmed and the applause for the fourth place winner lasted for a long time! Three medals for four best shooters! Gold medal and the trophy went to Predrag Nikolic, sliver for Vladimir Petrovic and bronze for the youngest finalist Dusan Dugalic!

Silver, gold, and two bronze medals from Raska

A big thank you to all participants in the first Trojka iz Bloka tournament in Raska! A big thank you to proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors! All of them enabled us to finish the aid project intended for the Tokalic family – all the material will be a donation of the Megamit Sumnik company! Charity organization Serbs for Serbs would like to thank all of them with the most beautiful message – CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

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