August 20, 2016

“Trojka iz bloka” held in Pirot

The first tournament Trojka iz bloka in Pirot was held on July 30 at the Youth Stadium within Pirot Cultural Summer and it gathered a lot of good people, of whom 60 decided to try themselves in rapid kicking triplets, and of their applications we collected 18,890 RSD! With the help of a proud sponsor, the City of Pirot, as well as the House of Culture Pirot and the Water Supply and Sewage Pirot which donated 25,000 RSD each, we collected a total of 68,890 RSD to help family Jurisic from the village of Sopot near Pirot!

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and Association of Citizens Leka thank all people of good will from Pirot who supported the first spectacle Trojka iz bloka in their city! Technical support to the first tournament came from the Archdiocese vicarage of Pirot, elementary school “Dusan Radovic”, elementary school “Vuk Karadzic” and the Center for Social Work of the Municipality of Pirot who helped us in finding families with four or more children.

The Sports Center Pirot ceded the field for the tournament, and the youth of BC Pirot were volunteering in collecting balls. Members of BC Pirot and WBC Gimnazijalac participated in the tournament in the organized manner.

THC La Familija was in charge of good fun, and the music program was unforgettably prepared by Uncle Joe and the local rep composition Paranoja with all their hearts! The best European basketball freestyler Triki and the popular Little Stanoje whom we remember by the memorable role in the movie “Montevideo, Bog te video!” were socializing with us.

Familija in the element while Triki is resting


Little Stanoje

The best basketball players from Pirot were Ivan Mancic with 16 points, Mladen Andjelkovic with 13 and Andrija Golubovic with a point less! The biggest winners of the tournament in Pirot will be the four children of family Jurisic whom we will help with the funds collected on the Youth Stadium. Become the part of Trojka iz bloka!

Bronze, gold and silver medal 

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