July 25, 2016

“Trojka iz Bloka” held in Pancevo

On June 8, at 6PM, the anthem of the Republic of Serbia was heard at the courts of KK Tamis, and the second in a row Trojka iz Bloka tournament was solemnly opened in the biggest city in Banat. Winning streak of successful tournaments continued in Pancevo, where our guests were European champions Dusan Duca Borkovic and Slobodan Bitevic – car racer and renowned karate fighter. This spectacle of humaneness, sport and fun brought together 82 participants, who raised 21,770 RSD from participation fees. The money is intended for the youngest ones from underprivileged families!

3-pointers were being shot, 3on3 basketball was played, with good music to accompany all that, showing once again the strength of brotherly love and the wish to help those in need! The tournament was again organized by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs with the big support of Pancevo City Administration and the local manager Aleksandar Farkas. Priest Branko Bozic, a big friend of the sports-charity project Trojka iz Bloka, once again gave his blessing and participated in the tournament and thus helped the mission, leading towards a better future! Father Branko was a professional basketball player in his youth, and he delighted everyone with his precise shots and fierce slam dunks. An unusual sight of a priest making slam dunks and never missing a shot is a unique spectacle that can only be seen at our tournaments and represents the strength of the Trojka iz Bloka, which is the victory of all of us.

Pancevo recognized our idea – united around the noble cause, we can all help by playing basketball, not one team against the other, but all together in the same team, for the final victory, leading to a better life, better future and a fresh opportunity for people who have been blessed with many children. We gather for the second time in Pancevo, and we are going to gather many more times in the future, because we know that each and every tournament will bring back the smiles to children’s faces! Those in charge of smiles and good mood, as well as the whole program, were Bore and Stefan, who brought a lot of guests, brothers and friends to the tournament in Pancevo, the city that THC La Familija rightfully calls their second home. Lemi Dzi, Trijumf and Parke came to support the second tournament held in the city on the river Tamis, and young theologian and rapper, Uncle Dzo, took the microphone during break time before the final and rapped some of his hits to the joy of his fans, who always expect to see him below the baskets.

The best Pancevo Trojka shooters are Boris Mujkovic, gold medal and Trojka iz Bloka trophy, Nikola Lazarevic, silver, and Djordje Milkovski, bronze. The score was tie until the very end, and the number of shots proves it – 18, 17, 16! Bravo for the winners and bravo for all Pancevo residents – we are moving on and getting ready for next year, when we expect even more successful tournament and more good news from the sunny Banat!

Bronze, gold and silver from Pancevo

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