June 05, 2016

“Trojka iz Bloka” held in Novi Sad

On May 28, in front of the SPENS hall in Novi Sad, fourth in a row sports-charity spectacle “Trojka iz Bloka” was held and 247,520 RSD were raised to help the StrajnicfamilyfromKac. The single mother raises five children in a house without basic conditions, but now this courageous mother knows that she has help from her neighbors from Novi Sad! 130 participants collected 39,220 Dinars from participation fees, 5,100 Dinars were collected by good people at the first charity table tennis tournament in Novi Sad, and 81,000 Dinars were raised at a charity party by students living in the Slobodan Bajic Student Home!

ПGreeting from Novi Sad!

JKP Trznica and PIP D.O.O sponsored the tournament with 50,000 Dinars each, Kuca kobasice 10,000 Dinars, and Mr. Djordje K. 100 Euros! Technical sponsors were the SPENS hall, Mediaplay, Sans, Mlada srpska snaga and Russian restaurant Ruska trpeza. This goes to show that Novi Sad once again rose and united in the fight against poverty!

Despite the hot weather, the plateau in front of the SPENS was full of people, who showed their will to help their neighbors in distress. While the best 3-point shooters were gathering, we were enjoying the sounds of trumpet and clarinet played by Dusan and Dragan, who came from the Republic of Srpska to support the Trojka iz Bloka! Our proud sponsor Agi Pasta Away made delicious Italian pasta, and our friends from social company Sodara Filipus presented mineral water produced by their members, boys and girls with special needs.

Best pasta in town!

Best tournament for the fourth time in Novi Sad!

All the money raised at these two stands was also added to the total sum raised at the tournament! The magic of humaneness, sport, and fun spread across the SPENS plateau, and then the anthem of the Republic of Serbia was performed on the trumpet and the clarinet and the event was broadcast live on our official Facebook page Trojka iz Bloka, to the pleasure of all 3-point shooters worldwide.

The gathered people were addressed by the representative of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the organizer of “Trojkas” in Novi Sad, Nenad Muzdeka, who thanked the sponsors, donors and technical sponsors for supporting the aid project intended for the Strajnic family. He also thanked the volunteers, shooters and guests who made time for coming and spending this tropical day under the baskets.

Nenad Muzdeka greeting the guests

And the competition begins…

And the spectators were watching from the shade…

With us there were Vasa Mijic, legend of the Serbian volleyball, Bore and Sale L from THCF, who were in charge of the program and the music, and the home support were Emsi Milica and dance group Styles and Flavas.

Honor above all – THCF for Novi Sad!

In her element – MC Milica

At home – Styles and Flavas

Over 130 shooters competed for the Trojka iz Bloka trophy! It was tied until the very end as everybody was great at shooting 3-pointers! The best among best at the fourth in a row tournament in Novi Sad were Igor Vujicic – gold, Vasa Mijic – silver, and Nemanja Kumovic – bronze. The real winners of the tournament are the Strajnics - Stefan (12), Jelena (14), Jovana (16) and Dusan (18), together with their mother, for whom the funds raised at the tournament are intended. The mother, Gordana, can now count on the aid obtained through the sports-charity project Trojka iz Bloka. Their family became a part of ours and they will never be alone again! 

Silver, gold and bronze of the fourth in a row Trojka in Novi Sad

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